June 18, 2007

Paris Turns 4!

Paris turned 4 on June 18th! She was able to invite her friends over for a pool party! After swimming she got to open all her presents and then finished the evening with having a friend spend the night! They were so excited! They stayed up late and watched Ratatouille, ate popcorn, and finally fell asleep! Brooklyn and Boston enjoyed the party too!

June 12, 2007

Posing in the backyard!

Aunt Sky was here for EFY, so while she was here we decided to put the kids in the backyard before it got too hot and take some cute pictures! They did good!

June 1, 2007

Phil's Turns 30!

We had a surprise party for Phil after work on his birthday, June 1st. He actually didn't even have a clue! I went through the rigorous task of finding 30 gifts to wrap and keep hidden during the weeks prior! When the day finally came, he and the kids had a blast ripping through them!

Graduation Time

Graduation Time! Brooklyn received several awards this year for outstanding achievements and Boston just began to like Kindergarten. It all goes by too fast!