April 27, 2010

Sweeping with Seattle

So I woke up in a hurry, as I do everyday...it's 8:00 and the kids have to be to school by 8:30...and I haven't had ANYONE come get their hair done, nor any of the babies come wake me up...strange.

I look over at the nightstand and I notice Boston is still mad at me for telling him he couldn't play the Wii yesterday...he left me a sweet note, see?

It's never good news when the house is quiet.  When I get downstairs I see that there is a total cereal mess on the floor,  but the kids are all ready for school, yay!  Then I hear the garage door open and close, but don't really pay attention to who opened it...because I'm in too obsessed with getting everyone's backpacks and shoes on!

A second later, Seattle passes me with a broom...on a total mission!  She ATTEMPTS to clean up the spilled cheerios on the floor...then proceeds back to the garage to put the broom away...amazing.  I'm completely speechless!  Now if only my 10, 8, and 6 year olds would do the same thing...

April 20, 2010

I've got teeth...and a little personality!

Berlin has finally gotten her two front teeth in, they look a little goofy but I LOVE the style they add to her little grins!  She's started waving and she gets so excited when she's doing it...so I had to take a picture:)

This picture is from Paris to Nana.  One of the things Paris LOVES to do everyday is read books and draw pictures to her Nana, (mom you're a lifesaver!)  it's a nightly routine they have and usually the pictures are sent via text message, but this time it's going on the blog!  I'm so thankful for modern technology!!!!!!

April 11, 2010

Madison turns 4...almost:)

We decided to celebrate Madison's birthday a little early (April 13th) since my dad was in town! 
By request, we had pink "princess ice cream cupcakes"...well it was my version anyway.  There wasn't any ice cream involved...but they looked like ice cream, so I think that counts! 
She LOVED her gifts! So did Haven and Seattle:)

She had to put her "twinkle toes" on immediately and ran into the bathroom with the other kids to turn off the lights and watch them light up!  Oooh I remember when that would have been the highlight of my night too;)
--For some reason, Madison never liked saying she was 3.  Seriously, whenever I would ask her age she would say she was 8.  No matter how often we would practice her name, birthday, and age...she would always get her age purposely wrong.  SO I tried again after her birthday and she smiled a HUGE smile and said 4!  Yay!  I don't think I'll ever know why she didn't like being 3...but I'm glad she likes being 4! 

April 8, 2010

Playing with Papa!

My mom is in South Carolina with Sarah, who is having baby boy # 3!  Yay!  Since she'll be there awhile we wanted to surprise my dad and have him come out and play with his Arizona grandkids!  Shavonne had a "free" flight earned, so it was PERFECT.  Greg and her purchased the flight and then we got to call him on conference (my family's favorite) and tell him what time he had to be to the airport...because he was coming out for a visit!!! 

It was awesome, he was pretty excited!  Shavonne and Greg are the best!  It's still perfect weather, low to mid 80's during the day, so definitely warm enough to hop in some water...but not quite swimming pool status, yet.  Shavonne and my dad took a little trip and picked up one of these beauties...it actually held all seven of them!  Crazy!

Behind the scenes...what you wouldn't know from looking at this picture is, my dad hooked the hose to fill this pool up, directly to the water heater!  He made sure all the kids were out and far away first, then he filled it up half way with hot water, then the rest with some buckets of cold from the tap!  Why didn't we think of that????  The kids LOVED it!   Of course while pouring in the buckets of cold water...it wouldn't be my dad unless he poured it on everyone!

April 4, 2010

Easter Morning...

Easter with the Wyatts

Easter at our house is all about the Egg Hunt in the morning:)  Our Easter Bunny leaves grass everywhere that he's been upstairs to get the kids excited about the "Hunt!"  The kids had to wait this year until Dad and Mom had the video and regular cam's ready!  Phil and I had EXTRA fun this year hiding Brooklyn and Boston's eggs!  Ha ha, every year they get harder and harder.  It's was hard keeping every one's eggs straight for the hunt, so the last couple of years we've had everyone have their own "themed" eggs...and then of course the rest are a free for all:)  It totally helps!

Some highlights...Paris got underwear from the Easter Bunny in her basket:)  I think they were put there as a joke, but were left to see her reaction.  When we saw her go over to the basket and pick them up, her face was pretty expressionless...so we had to ask!  "Paris, did the Easter bunny seriously bring you underwear, what a weirdo!?" -Me  "No, it was actually pretty nice, because Madison always steals mine and I need some more."-Paris
Ha Ha Ha!  Never would have thought that would some how come off as normal at all!  I guess it's a good thing she got underwear then...

Madison and Seattle took forever to find their eggs, because the minute they would find one...they were literally shaking with excitement while opening them to see what kind of candy was inside...(either the kind they could poor directly into their mouths or the kind they would need to unwrap first)  They were total addicts!

Berlin was a cutie, she was exited about the 1 egg that was in the world's smallest Easter basket!  She also had fun emptying everyone else's baskets too...

We finished off the morning with my special "Carmel Baked French Toast" and watched General Conference.  What a perfect morning!