January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Nash!

My friend Kim's son Nash had his B-day party on Saturday with a bounce house. It was so much fun watching the kids play around! Phil and Spencer came about an hour late (from the FBR open, which I originally thought was called the FDR open, in Scottsdale) It's a golf tournament or something like that. They were in the "Members Club" section, the tickets were worth like $1800 or something like that! They were excited because I think someone won them and then gave them to Spencer. (Everything's better when it's free!) Anyhoo, they were nice tickets...Phil said they had some dang good food, and there were a lot of college kids there...so it was kind of roudy and some funny things were going on. (I think it was a "had to be there" sort of fun:)

Paris and a random "party goer" that happened to be standing next to her.

Madison blowing kisses!

Boston...keeping it real.
Seattle and Ryan...catching some rays.

When all the older kids jammed out of the bounce house, we thought we'd hook Ryan, Seattle, Madison, and Talan, up with a double date...in the house! No one wanted to cooperate...I think they were embarrassed that parents needed to be involved! Ha! Something I'm sure they'll get used to...right?

Madison enjoying the "bounce" time!

Seattle really wasn't sure about the whole thing.

Madison trying to ditch out...Seattle and Ryan trying to figure this place out!

Ryan looking cute, while trying to escape!

Phil got on a Madison kick...but how can you blame him...she was on a roll!

January 30, 2009

GNO Time!

Madison caught the "runny nose/cough" bug on Monday...now Seattle has come down with it! Yuck. It's been a sweet couple of days...you know...the ones where you're shirt is one big "snot" rag! I've changed my shirt 4 times today! NO JOKE! So...needless to say, I needed a break! Last minute...we threw together a Girls Night Out...to Oreganos! (I'm talking 1 hour notice!) Phil's the greatest! I apologized to him in advance because Seattle has been soooo whiney, and all he said was, "That's okay, I've been at work all day so I won't mind a few hours!"

He needs an AWARD!!! It was soooo worth it! They have the best "Kaboom Dip" and the "Pizookie" is a huge "a" cookie, cooked almost all the way, then topped with vanilla ice cream! Yeah...it can't be finished by any one person...but oh so worth the effort!

January 26, 2009

Our relaxing trip to Walmart...

Our trip to Walmart turned out to be a lot more relaxing then I expected. On my way out the door, ( you know...somewhere in between stocking the diaper bag, fixing a bottle, bringing snacks, grabbing my purse, cell phone, etc.) I lost Seattle's pacifier! Nice, I know. But the spare I had...has been in my purse so long, she no longer likes it! She's getting to be a picky "sucker"...on the pacifier that is! Anyway, as we are about half way through our shopping list, Seattle starts rubbing her eyes and I can tell it's going to get ugly any second. So I grab for the bottle and make her a little pillow using her blankie. I never ever thought she would fall asleep! It was so funny! She had to be so uncomfortable, but was out in a flash! Madison was so happy with the Valentine's Day suckers I had picked up earlier, that she was completely content being buried alive with the groceries! (This never happens! I usually resort to picking up a second cart, or being brave and let her hold on to the side!) Because this was such a memorable trip, I grabbed the camera to remember it by! Oh...now if every shopping trip could be as nice!

January 20, 2009

It's A Girl!

Well it's official...we are having our last baby...and yes it's another girl! (5 girls 1 boy)I'm pretty excited. I went to my 17 week appointment today and the ultrasound tech...did a triple check, just to make sure! I think Phil and Boston were a little dissapointed at first, but have quickly warmed up to the idea! I think it's great. I grew up with 4 girls in the house...we weren't even as close in age and we are still really close! Boston is just going to have to find the most awesome girl ever...so she can fit into our fam! So it's taken me a little while to warm up to the idea that we are having a baby #6, especially so close to baby #5 (they'll be 17 mos apart) yikes, but Phil has taken an extra precaution that has ensured that we are OFFICIALLY done! Yay! I'll be turning 30 this year, and my dream has always been to be able to vacation when I'm 35...and now I can...my youngest will just be 5! That's pretty good. The kids are all ecstatic and now we're just trying to agree on a name! We knew for sure it would be London if it was a boy...but since it's a girl...we're still debating on a few. We'll put up a survey to see what you guys think:)
P.S. for those of you who are "out of the loop"...we're due June 26th!

January 19, 2009

Day Off!

The weather is still amazing and while we were trying to decide how to spend the "day off", my friend Kim invited us to come play and ride bikes at her house. It was the best idea ever! I have to say I'm so jealous that I don't live in a cul-de-sac or have a backyard the size of two football fields! It was so nice to be able to chat with friends and know that your kids are totally confined!!!!

Seattle showing off her new walking legs!

A free for all out in the cul-de-sac!

Paris, trying to keep out of the sun. It really was warm in the sun!!

Paris on Maddy's Bike...
Ryan and Nash playing on the grass.

My kids always beg me to ride their bikes outside, but I never want to go sit out there and watch! I'm so mean, our street isn't that busy...but it's really long and straight...and you just never know! Call me a "worrywart" if you will. So it was really nice to sit on her lawn, in the shade, and watch all the kids circle around and around without a single car coming in!

Drew, Paris, Jake, and Talen...

It was a nice break for the kids...and a "Girls Day" for us ladies too! Thanks a bunch Kim!

January 17, 2009

Front Yard BBQ

The weather has been soo nice lately! It's literally what California people experience in May! It's beautiful! So some of our friends invited us over for a BBQ and a game of soccer. It was soo much fun. I had to take pictures of the "front yard" bbq too! We decided it was just easier, so we could walk to the park and keep an eye on everyone at the same time! Who said BBQing in the front yard was "ghetto?" Ha! I think we brought it back!!!!!

Seattle practically outweighs Paris, but she insists on picking her up constantly!The kids loved the portable hammock! Relaxing out on the sidewalk! That's right...REPRESENT!Sandy and Spencer...showing their post game faces! Boston...probably talking trash because he was the "best" goalie ever, Phil...mad because I won't take a picture of him showing his "post game" face, Sandy and Spencer...still feeling the love, my other kids strewn throughout the field, and Maylene missed the shot because she was chasing after little Sophie!

It was fun, and the kids all had a blast! So let us know when the next game is!

January 9, 2009

Girls Night Out...

(We decided Ryan was the only "stud" allowed!)

Bettijo, Maylene, Sandy, and the top of Ryan!
Cynthia and Me!
Sandy turned the big 3-0 while she was away "partying" in St. George...so us girls back home decided it would give us a great excuse to have another "girls night out" when she got back! We decided to try out a new restaurant...Maria Maria in Tempe. I guess you could say it was a Mexican restaurant, but with a twist? It was really different...and the cooks seemed to LOVE jalepenos! The food was a bit spicy, but mine was really good! We took pictures of everyone's meal so you could see the presentation! Yum, Yum! Some looked better than they tasted (Bettijo's)...others looked crazy, but tasted really good (mine)!

Cynthia had the Vegetarian Enchiladas!

Bettijo had the Coconut Ceviche!

Sandy had Fajitas!

Maylene had the fish tacos!

and I had the nachos! (Those purple things are onions...pickled onions! They really could leave those off next time...but the rest was amazing!)

We had a blast! Great conversation, fun atmosphere, and interesting food! What more could you ask for! Thanks Sandy for getting old first! It was a great excuse to get out!

January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Brooklyn turned 9 today! I can't believe we have a 9 year old! Since she's a girl...she has a list of favorite things...of course! We started out the day with Eggo Waffles (since mom is always short on time...when it comes to school mornings) but I did top them with whipped cream and a candle! We even let her open her first present! She was pretty excited.

(Madison wanted a picture holding a Webkinz too, so she borrowed Boston's!)

Then we sent her to school, and mom dropped off 3 dozen "store bought" Tinkerbell cupcakes to school for her to celebrate with her friends! (I miss the good 'ol days when you could just make them! It would have cost $2.00 instead of $20!) It was worth it, she was sooooo happy!

Things she's into this year. 1)High School Musical (yeah...she's pretty much obsessed)
2)Webkinz (stuffed animals that come with an Internet code to play with them online)
3)Pretty much anything "girly". (A pretty broad spectrum that includes pretty much everything!)
So as you can see, it was pretty easy to get her things she'd be excited about. Her week started out "fabulous" by getting a High School Musical 3 DVD board game and a High School Musical digital picture locket to wear from her Grandma Debbie and Papa! Then she got a really pretty dress from her Aunt Joanie that she put on immediately and modeled wearing gloves! She even blogged about these on her blog...I haven't read it, but heard her talking to Boston and Paris about it:)

She was so sweet, we had to change her birthday "bash" last minute due to someone in our stake needing last minute day care, and Brooklyn took the news really good. She understood that someone needed help and was okay postponing her real dinner until Saturday. I was impressed with her! (I would have been balling!) So to make it a bit more fun, we invited some friends over last minute, you can't have fun without the Becks!!! We had pizza, cake, and plenty of presents!

As could be expected...she scored plenty of Webkinz...which she literally screamed about! (You forget how excited 9 year old girls get...when they get what they want!) Sandy and I had to laugh. We probably did the same thing!

I heard somewhere...that Aunt Shavonne and Nana have some more sweet things on their way from Utah...that should be here any day now. So her birthday is really lasting all week long! Those are always the best ones! She's been smiling ear to ear, and everyone that has come over this week has gotten to hear about every single gift she's gotten! So I think that means she had a good birthday!

January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!!

We decided to ring in the new year...while chillin' (literally) in Flagstaff! We had a couple of days with NOTHING planned, (which never happens around the holidays!) So we decided to ditch the warmth of Phoenix for the snow in Flagstaff. We've never been there before, so we didn't really no what to expect, but were pleasantly surprised at how quick the trip was! The kids were sooo excited to see the snow. The snow started around 5500 feet, which was only about an hour and a half drive! We were surprised that it could change so much from 70 degrees in Phoenix to 50 and snow so fast! It was a bit cool, but we started the party off right by going to some restaurant in the hotel. (The thought of driving in the ice...made me hyperventilate! I HATE ICE! One of the few great memories of UTAH...I get to keep with me forever!) Thanks.

We then went back to the hotel room and played games, watched movies, ordered room service for dessert, watched the ball drop, and called it a night! It was really fun! Maybe we'll have to make a new tradition???!!

We had 2 big beds for the kids...and of course they all wanted to pile into one!
The next morning the first thing the kids did was run out on the balcony to make sure the snow didn't all melt away! It was cute. We made sure to make a pit stop at the local Walmart for some "snow supplies". The kids had a blast running, playing, and throwing it! We'll have to go back soon. Maybe next time to check out the ski slopes??
We couldn't find any mittens her size!! She made do...ice anyone?
Brooklyn holding a pretty large snow ball...

Paris holding some ice block that probably weighs as much as she does...watch out Madison!

Anyone seeing a common theme here? Now Phil has some incredibly huge chunk of snow! There must have been a contest I wasn't aware of. Mom usually steers them away from activities that can kill someone!

Boston was launching snow balls at Phil from on top of the hill...luckily his aim wasn't the best...or Phil would have been clocked a few times!!Off to explore the white territory!

Some fort type thing that they found...and decided to play with of course!

Boston looking studly...as usual!