August 27, 2010

Vacation to Utah...Day 2

We hadn't gotten a chance to see Chad and Sara's amazing new house yet in Eagle Mountain, so we took a trip there so we could see their amazing 4000+sq house!  The kids LOVED it...I have to say a basement like theirs would be a dream come true!  The kids actually had a sweet game of "Red Rover" going on!

Phil and Brielle weren't really friends, so this picture is proof that she did let him hold her you can see, she's super excited about it:)
So nice...and there's still 3 bedrooms upstairs!  Crazy nice! 

Then it was off to Thanksgiving see the beautiful gardens!  This golf cart was awesome...especially since I got to drive it most of the time...pretending to be a flower guide for the kids:)

Some history about this photo...we told the kids to race up to the top and see how far it goes...right after the kids began running back, we see the other half of our group looking down at us from the top too.  The kids were kind of bummed...I guess the path eventually takes you there:)

This plant name was was all very contradictory.  The name was Summer Snow, then the thing was all over the place and it said it was an "obedient plant"...are they just making stuff up?  So who comes up with plant names anyway?
Before it started pouring down rain on us all...the kids decided to roll, run, and biff it down the hill.  There were a bunch of people setting up some sort of concert or wedding...I'm sure they didn't mind the entertainment we briefly provided!

TO Be Continued...Day 2, Half way through!

August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday to Boston at Brick Oven Pizza!

After an action packed day at Cowabunga Bay everyone was invited to celebrate Boston's and Benjamin's birthdays at Brick Oven Pizza in a party room that was bound to be PACKED!  Boston turned 9 and Benjamin turned 10 so we decided to celebrate in style with ALL the family! 

On our way down University Avenue all the college memories flooded back!  I can't believe how many things have changed, yet still seem the same.  On our way, we passed the Glenwood Apartments...(sigh) that's where Phil and I both lived and met...(cheesy smile)..

Pulling up to Brick Oven was completely nostalgic was my first job in Utah while I was going to college:)  That seems like FOREVER ago...yet another reminder that time is flying! 

Sky and Blake met us too, which was SWEET because we needed Uncle B's lap as an extra seat, because their "Party Room" couldn't handle our Party;) Ha Ha!

Our trip to 1

So after an exhausting week of packing for 8, keeping the house clean, and the laundry under control...Wednesday finally arrived!  I have always hated driving in cars since I was a kid...I won't blame it on any one thing...more a combination of a bunch of things that involve 6 kids, sandwiched in the back of a suburban!  Ha parents call it memories, I call it a recipe for a migraine!
Phil and I try to "keep it real" when we travel...I hate the whole messy traveling car look, it already seems like we attract so much attention as it is, having such a huge family piling in and out of our I like what little attention we can control, to be somewhat not junky!  Ha ha!  I know, I'm so wierd!  So instead of bringing along snacks that would just end up being smashed into the back seats, we started our trip off with McDonalds:)  Nothing like bacon, egg, and cheese in the morning!  The first 4 hours were good...we ate, no one had to go potty...everything was sweet, until we hit "Freedonia"!  Wow!  We made the mistake of telling our kids that when we stopped to get gas, we would also stop and get out to get something to eat.  What we didn't know, was that the only visible restaurant around was another McDonalds!  Okay, so I'm all for McDonalds...but twice in one day?  No.  So we tried telling the kids that in the next town, we promised to get something to eat...we started asking them what they felt like to get them excited...oooh big mistake. 
Anyone with kids knows...that when they flip, they flip fast, especially when they're either hungry or tired...and my kids were both!  Ugh...the next town was about a town!  I'm not worried about offending anyone because I'm pretty sure they haven't heard of the internet yet...they only had 2 "name brand" restaurants...Subway in a gas station and Arby' a gas lovely!  Yeah so to make a sweet trip sweeter we all got out at the local gas station to go inside and eat at Arby's!  How do you know you're in Utah?  Maybe when suburban that parks next to you has 8 kids showcased on their back window!  Ha ha!  Loved it!!!

After a meal that left me seriously re-"thinking" Arby's...we were on our way again...!  We arrived a mere 5 hours later to Lehi, UT!

Now the real fun begins...

Thursday morning we woke up and went over to Gramma Debbie's and Papas house for scones with the cousins!  Tony, Jessica, and their 5 kids were staying at their house.  Phil, Me, and our 6, were staying with Shauna and her 3 kids around the corner:)

It was so much fun to see the cousins all hanging out together!  Now get ready for a million photos...

Silly side note about the below picture...My father in law is a complete stud!  He owns a few homes close to his and then of course has his daughter super close too, so as we're pulling up to the house he's loading his riding lawn mower up onto a trailor so he could go take care of the lawns that needed to be mowed, if you knew my father in law this wouldn't come as a surprise:)

Before breakfast was finished he was already back and armed with 2 cans of Wasp spray, so he could spray a nest that was like super high.  I think I was the only one completely curious about how he was going to do this...wearing shorts and a short sleeve shirt, on a ladder no less!

I wish I had gotten a video!  Phil has some awesome stories of being on the phone with his dad while he was taking down wasps on the other end of the line...and when asked if he was getting stung, he said yeah, but finished the conversation without a hitch!  Now I can honestly say I totally believe that story!  A few swats and a lot of yelling "Get out of here!" to the wasps...he took their little nest down!  I have to was pretty awesome!  (Don't let the picture fool you, there were wasps flying all over the place!) 

After breakfast it was off to Cowabunga Bay!

Finally Phil pays attention...but Berlin is so over this scene!

Cowabunga Bay was seriously fun...the day continued with dinner at Brick Oven Pizza
To Be Continued...