January 29, 2008

A couple of room updates!

We got some new things for around the house and I felt ambitious enough to tackle the tasks of painting, nailing, and decorating! I thought I'd show off my efforts. I change things around so much that our front room is already outdated in these photos. We now have white curtains instead of the green. Oh well, you get the general idea.

My craft room aka "crap room" as Phil likes to refer to it is no longer so crafty! It now has shelves as you can see for our candle inventory! We still have room for guests too! We got new bedding in that room too, so I decided a wall color change was in order. I think it flows and it's husband approved!

January 28, 2008

Brooklyn's Getting Baptised!

Brooklyn's getting baptised this Saturday, Feb. 2nd @ 5:00p.m. at our ward building! We're all so excited! She's the only one from our entire stake that's getting baptised on this day so she actually doesn't have to share the font with anyone else! I think mom's more excited about this than she is. We're busting out the chocolate fountain and serving up some "sweet" desserts at our pad afterwards so be there or be square!!!!

January 10, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Brooklyn!

Brooklyn was so excited to turn 8! She is absolutely in love with High School Musical...if you couldn't tell! She was very excited to go to school on her birthday this year because it normally falls on Christmas break! So we brought cupcakes and punch to school, which she thought was really cool! Since most of the close family is out of state and we didn't want to do a huge party...(her baptism is still coming!) so invited a couple of close friends of ours to share some cake! She was so excited, we did the whole High School Musical theme and she got the Wii game she's been wanting. She also got a "Bratz" sewing machine that really works and the kids have been having fun trying to "sew" stuff! She had a blast!

January 3, 2008

California Trip!

It was so much fun to see all my brothers and sisters on Christmas this year! Everyone was home except Sarah's husband Justin. Since we had all the grandkids together we made sure we got a few photos of them all! It went by too fast. The boys all played in the Crows Landing ward basketball tournament and won their first two games but lost during the championships to Turlock 3rd ward. Which happens to be Jake Barnes (my cousin) ward. They had fun playing against each other and us girls had fun cheering them on from the stage! Memories from when we were young watching dad play! We stayed until Saturday when I got the flu...and we decided to cut our trip a little short and drive half way to L.A. it was nice only having 4 hours in the morning to drive home! We miss everyone already and can't wait until everyone gets together again!