June 20, 2009


We usually go out to dinner on our anniversaries...but seeing that I just got home from the hospital...and really can't get around too much...we planned on staying home and spending it with the family. Phil's parents, my mom, and two of our nieces are here for the weekend, so it definitely wasn't going to be boring!

The Big Surprise...Phil's parents surprised us with the news that they wanted to buy us new bedroom furniture!!! It was a combined anniversary/early father's day gift!! Originally, every piece of furniture we owned was given to us by his family or mine...of course! Over the years we have begun replacing items and buying new items to furnish all of our rooms...but the room that always gets left out is ours! We have always had a queen sized mattress...and have recently been talking about how we need to upgrade to a King! 11 years...and the only furniture that's changed in our room, is the night stands...(because they've always been cheap and break...so we buy new ones:) In my defense however; the colors have changed. I'm a big fan of shopping for sheets and comforters...so our bedroom gets a "new" look every year without having to change the furniture! Nice, eh!? Okay...so back to the NEW FURNITURE!! Phil's parents took Phil, because I was kind of bed ridden, and went to several furniture stores around Phoenix until they found THE PERFECT SET!! They were sweet and sent me pictures on the phone so I could get an idea...but to be honest...I'm not very picky! (which you would know...if you saw my old mis-matched furniture;)

They ended up getting us this beautiful new KING sized bed and mattress, nightstands, dresser and mirror, chest, bench, matching lamps, and new bedding!! I can't believe how great they look, how nice my NEW mattress feels, and what AWESOME in-laws I have! I love them to death and am SOOO HAPPY!! THANK YOU DEBBIE AND BRYON!!! I can't tell you enough how incredibly sweet that was! It makes the 4 hours or so of sleep I do get at night...PURE Bliss!!!

P.S. King does make a BIG difference!!! Oh so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 Years Ago...

Can you believe it's been 11 years? We have 6 kids...Brooklyn is 9!! Crazy! Time has flown by so fast! It seems like yesterday when we were living in Fremont, hanging out with Craig and Sarah, and having Brooklyn's 1st birthday party! Wow! I originally always thought I wanted 6 kids...but I know I never pictured myself having 6! It's just so crazy how much Phil and I have matured...yet at the same time are still just as goofy as ever! I love that we are still BEST FRIENDS and make each other laugh every day! He is such a great dad...(hence the reason we have so many kids) and husband...(hence the reason I'm always so happy!)

Then...we used to play cards almost everynight...and we would bet on the games with "massage time"! We would usually bet 2 minutes a game...I think at one time he owed me 2.5 hours!

Now...we still play games...but he doesn't bet any longer. I still get lucky every once in awhile though...and he'll give me a freebie!

Then...I love McDonald's Bacon Egg and Cheese bisuits and after I had Brooklyn he would go there almost everyday and get me one!

Now...he created "Starbucks Tuesday" where he goes ALMOST every Tuesday and get's me a Grande Hot Chocolate and a Blueberry muffin for breakfast...just because! I LOVE IT!!!

Then...he would tell me every day that I was beautiful and he loved me!

Now...he's NEVER missed a day!

I love how REAL our life is! We both pitch in to keep the house clean, we both can cook a great meal, and we both know when the other deserves a little time away! We have a VERY busy lives...a VERY loud home...and I wouldn't want it anyother way! What's gonna happen during the next 11 years??? YIKES!!

(Most of them are happy)

June 19, 2009

Cousins Come to Visit!

Amaya and Paris

Bubble Time!
Gramma Debbie, Amaya, Paris, Makenzie, Boston, and Brooklyn
Seattle Chillin' on her own!

Phil's parents came this weekend and they brought Shauna's kids, Makenzie and Amaya with them! It was soo much fun for the kids! They love it when their grandparents and cousins get to visit! We just wish they all didn't live so far away:) They came on Friday, and since I wasn't discharged from the hospital until then anyway, they got to celebrate Paris' 6th birthday with us!

(This cake was sooooo yummy!! Thanks mom for making it!)

Present Time!!

Seattle and Berlin...Getting to Know Each Other!

From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I was worried how Seattle would react to a new baby...seeing that she still would be one! The last few weeks of my pregnancy it seemed that Seattle knew something was changing! She seemed more of a "baby" than ever! She stopped sleeping through the night, started getting into EVERYTHING, and needed to be held more than ever!!! Oh, thank goodness for MOM!!!

In the hospital, we all wondered how Seattle would react to a 'real' baby...(she carries Cabbage Patch dolls around the house by their necks, daily!) She wasn't as excited as we thought she'd be! She was actually kind of nervous and kind of scared when we put her close to Berlin. She would get really hyper and kind of freak if Berlin's hand moved or her eyes would blink. We wish we knew what was going on inside of her little head! Maybe due to the change in scenery, or just the fact that she was now on her "turf"...as soon as we brought Berlin home...Seattle became very intrigued with our new little addition! It's cute, yet a little scary all at the same time (if ya know what I mean:)

She's tried more than a few times to give her pacifier a try!

I can never sit somewhere by myself...unless it's behind a locked door! I always have someone who's very interested in what I'm holding!!!

Luckily I have Mom to help me out!!! I love having her here!!!!!!

June 17, 2009

Meet Berlin!

Our family is NOW complete! Here is our beautiful Berlin Daley Wyatt. She was born at 11:03am, weighing 10lbs 2oz and 21 inches long...at 38 weeks 4 days. It's been a LONG nine months...but worth the wait!
Her first bath...
relaxing...after that exhausting bath!The kids come to visit!
Seattle, not sure what to think! She was interested...but a little freaked out:)
Boston...so in love with her! He said he likes the way her hair feels:)
Paris...couldn't wait to hold her! She's going to be a great helper!

Brooklyn and Berlin!
She's going to be the BEST helper ever...the kids were all soo in love!
Madison had lots of questions...

She wanted to know if Berlin was out of my tummy, if she had a Berlin in her tummy, if Berlin was going to go back in my tummy...etc.!)

In the Hospital...the Play by Play!

Well, things went about as smooth as they could that morning! Phil and I left for the hospital around 5:50am and arrived there around 6:15. We were all pre-registered so we went right up to labor and delivery and were given a sweet room, but of course...the nursing shifts change right at 7. So I had my sweet looking hospital gown...a nice bed...but no I.V. or anything to get things going:(

My mom was home with the kids and we called her to give her the update that there wasn't any need to drop off the kids...yet! In the past...I deliver about an hour after they break my water...which at this rate wasn't going to happen soon...or so we thought!

Around 8 my nurse (and her student shadow) started my I.V. and we gave my mom the update...still thinking it would be a while till we heard from the doctor, Phil jets down to the cafeteria for some food. About 2 minutes after he leaves my doctor rolls in ready to "get things started"! At this point, I've only been on the "Pit" for like 30 minutes, haven't gotten an epidural, and had no Phil or my mom in the room! I started to freak out and told him to "jam"...literally! He didn't...and laughed it off! So I ordered my sweet nurse to get the anesthesiologist over to my room STAT:) (my previous experiences are water breaking=serious pain, because my babies NEVER drop) The doctor says that he estimates the baby weighs about 8lbs and was saying that he had his "running" shoes on because I was 4-5 centimeters dialated...and he knew I would go fast. I told him to forget the running shoes and to invest in some "heely's!"

A couple of minutes later Phil strolls in to see me in total panic mode and says he saw the Dr. pass him on his way to the cafeteria...but didn't think he would be coming to see me yet! Boys!

Anyway, the anesthesiologist does come in quickly...does his thing...it works perfectly! Thank goodness! We make sure mom is on her way...and then I do something I never do before delivery...stay laying back so baby won't come! Once my mom arrived...and since I was still so comfortable, I stayed laying down and resting for awhile. I was an 8 right after my water was broken...so I could only imagine how quick this next part would be!

After an hour of my mom and Phil pleading with me to just sit up and deliver already, I finally caved in to the pressure!

My nurses came in, I was so calm and let them know that it was time...soon 2 girls that I thought reminded me of "Young Women" who were also part of the ASU nursing program asked if they could come in and watch the delivery too! At this point...the more the merrier! We just wanted this party to end already:)

The doctor was taking a bit longer than I expected...apparently he didn't have his running shoes on! So I decided I would have the baby with out him...unbeknownst to everyone...but she was too big! I've never had a baby that I couldn't just have...well except for Brooklyn (11lbs 4oz)! So when the baby didn't come out...I got scared! The doctor finally arrived and after a minute or TWO to get his bearings...he began asking me to push. Ha! He then saw the seriousness when I told them all...I had already given it everything I had! Yikes...that's when we found that her shoulders were totally stuck:( Luckily, all ended well! She arrived!!!! AND I am glad that we have completed our BEAUTIFUL family...because that's a delivery that would haunt me forever!)

Berlin Daley Wyatt arrived at 11:03am weighing in at 10lbs 2oz, with a 15 3/8" head sized! NOT the 8lb baby he predicted...OOPS! She's beautiful and very healthy! Luckily she showed no signs of distress or having any complications that come with being stuck...except for a few bruises.


Getting ready for Baby!!!

While I was out at my last "girls night out" for a little while last night...Phil called me and let me know that the hospital called and said that I was on their schedule for 6am, but all their beds were currently filled...so I would need to call at 5am this morning...to see if I could come in!

Of course I woke up around 4 and couldn't go back to sleep...anticipation.....

At 5:00am on the dot...I gave the hospital a call and they told me they were ready for me to be there by 6! Yay! I always take a sweet looking picture right before I go in...for memory purposes! I've been wearing this Peanut M&M shirt to bed lately...so the kids and Phil have nicknamed the baby "Peanut" since it seems to fit!

Phil took this one...my hair looks hot...but wow do I look HUGE!

Wish me luck=)

June 16, 2009

Paris turns 6!

Since I am set to be induced on Wednesday the 17th, and would most likely be coming home on her actual birthday, we decided to have an early birthday party for her on Tuesday with a few of her good friends! This year she decided to have a hawaiian themed swim party...which was perfect because you can find decorations EVERYWHERE right now!

First came the set up...we made sure that we decorated the table and the house with "luau" decorations! All the girls got their own "grass" skirts, lei's, and anklets, which we decorated their seats with. It turned out so cute!

When the girls arrived, we took them out swimming! We decorated the pool area and had the bubble machine going full blast...of course! It seemed to be a hit! Everywhere the bubbles were...so were the girls!

I love how Sydney never took her goggles off!

After they dried off...it was inside for some Hungry Howies Pizza! Yum Yum!

Then we got them all dressed up! Here they're doing a dance...

...their gorgeous flowers in their hair!

On to flip flop making! They each got to decorate their own flip flops...which actually turned out pretty cute! It was a perfect activity that didn't require too much help! I think they all really loved making these!

Of course we had to have them pose!

Present Time!

Then we had them each decorate cupcakes and they got to take them home
in these cute boxes!

It was soo much fun, and Paris had a blast=) Happy Birthday Sweety!