April 29, 2009

Brooklyn's Last Day of Braces!!

I had a million and one things to do today...one of them being to take Brooklyn to the ORTHODONTIST to get her Braces removed! I think I was a little more excited than she was:) She loves the fact that she has braces AND glasses now...I probably would have been the same way as a kid. So right before we jumped in the car, I pulled a classic mom and made her pose by the only shade we had in the morning! Someday she'll thank me, right?

April 25, 2009

Seattle's First Dip in the Pool!

All week we've been loving the 90 degree weather, and told the kids that by Saturday...if the pool was warmer than 75 we, (meaning Phil of course...I don't go in unless it's 85+) would take them swimming! So we had some good plans...I went to Costco and Hobby Lobby, while Phil stayed home to watch the kids and to do some light yardwork (he had to get hot...so he'd want to swim:)

The snag came when the wind picked up and our high was somewhere in the mid 80's! A promise was a promise and since the pool was 78 degrees...Phil took them in.

All of the kids, including Seattle showed no sense that the pool or the outside winds were cold, so Phil took a dive...one as in singular, and that was it! He screamed like a little girl! HA HA! I can laugh because I was extremely perfect sitting partly in the sun sipping some Izze's!

April 23, 2009

Baby Berlin!

We had our 3-D ultrasound appointment today! My doctor usually does these around 33 weeks, but during my last appointment, 2 weeks ago, I was measuring 6cm bigger than I should be. I was 29 weeks at the time and measuring 35cm, (average would have the same # as the number of weeks.) I'm usually off by a few, but not by 6! So he ordered my ultrasound a little early to check on her size.

Fun, Fun! She's measuring in the 75-90th percentile...weighing in at 4lbs 2oz - a full 8 weeks until her due date! Yeah...we'll be taking her early...but I'm not sure if Early...will be Early enough! Yikes! She's chubby...and I don't know how, but the ultrasound tech said she has a lot of hair! So we'll see! I didn't notice that! I know these things can look gross and confusing sometimes, but you should be able to see her eyes, nose and little hand covering her mouth!

She's very active and can carry a serious punch with her many kicks and jabs! I kind of feel like Bella in Breaking Dawn with how out of control she is at times!

People always ask me if I'm scared about having 6. I'm not scared about the 6...because I'm already used to the 5! I really can't complain...my kids are pretty good. I am, however, kind of freaking out about having 2 of the 6, under the age of 2 for like a whole year practically! That's going to be a juggling act I haven't really had...yet! Regardless of her place in line, we're just as excited about her getting here as our first!

So when I end up looking a bit like a 3 ring circus at times...cut me a little slack:) We'll get it down...even if it takes ALL YEAR!)

April 17, 2009

Surprise...I'm officially old!

The Guys...

The Girls...

The best picture of the night! (too bad I was biffing it while the shot was being taken...pretty impressive eh?)

We were trying to look cool...Phil decided to be a dork instead!

This has been a fun filled week of birthdays, gifts, and surprises! My big 3-0 was on Wednesday, so Phil did as he usually does...spoils me! This time with Starbucks for breakfast, my absolute favorite is a grande hot chocolate and blueberry muffin!! Pure heaven! Then on to gifts...he can't ever keep a secret...or a gift a suprise for long, so last month he let me open a BEAUTIFUL pair of earings and a NICE jewelry box...fit for some sweet "legit" jewelry, which I thought was good enough to qualify as my BIG gifts...but no...that was only the beginning!
He planned a SPA date at the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa with a friend and paid for us both to recieve 1 hour treatments together! Then he gave himself a gift of going to the CUBS VS D-Backs later this month...so maybe my present is hanging out with him for a couple of hours?? Then he got us tickets to see Wicked this summer when it comes to Phoenix!!! You have no idea how excited I am for this one!! I have been wanting to see it for the past couple of years!

So Wednesday was awesome...then on Friday...after Sandy's and my Spa date, Phil had a HUGE surprise party planned! IT was so sweet! He invited a bunch of our friends to come and dress in black to celebrate this "dark" occasion! He had the house decorated in black balloons, complete with black roses (thanks Sandy), a "facelift fund" piggy bank...(which I'm sure I'll be cashing in sometime), a cane, a crying towel, and some decision making dice(since the memory is totally going)! To top it off he had Macayos party platters of chimi changas, mini burros, tamales, fruit, cheese enchiladas, desserts, and dips along with IZZE sodas! I can't believe that he did this without me knowing a thing...until the last 20 minutes...when things weren't quite adding up...but I still had no idea what!

He really went all out and I'm very impressed! He scores an A++ in sweetest husband category! I only wish I did know about it sooner...so I could have been getting excited for it! I feel like it happened sooo fast! Thanks everyone for coming and making it so fun! You guys are the greatest...sorry we missed you O'Neill's! You ditched us for NASCAR?? JK!
We were playing the "sign" game...

April 13, 2009

Madison Turns 3!

We decided to use Madison's B-day as an excuse for a couple of us moms...and our kids to hang out at our local BK! I forgot to get out the camera until the end, when she wanted to open her gift from Talan! That's how it always works!

She's been getting so good being without her pacifier...but found one in the car right before we arrived...so as you can see, it's glued to her face! Priorities...Priorities! Atleast the potty training is down!!!

Talan was so sweet, he was giving her a hug and she was just excited about her new baby pony!

Later that afternoon, I decided to put together her "trike" from her nana and she went nuts! She calls it a "motorcycle" and can't get enough of it...of course she also hates that she has to share sometimes!

She loves to talk on the telephone, so naturally daddy had to get her yet another "cell phone"! She's talking to Talan in this picture...telling him all about her new motorcycle! It was so funny!

Her other favorite toy..."moymaid bobby"! She's obsessed with mermaids lately...so this was a huge score for her! She also got a couple of gift cards from Gramma Debbie and Gramma Gae...which I'm sure will bring her more of these beauties...stay tuned for the pics after we go shopping!!!!

I had to get a shot of this one...Seattle escaped getting dressed in PJ's because she saw her big sister was being "distracted" and nabbed her chance at hopping on the ever so popular "motorcycle"! It was so funny! She would get excited and nervous everytime Madison turned her head...knowing any second she'd be pushed off the bike! (Which doesn't happen when mommy's on watch!)

Later Shavonne, Greg, Haven, and Drake stopped by to give some Birthday love to Madison! I can't believe how big little Drake has gotten! He's adorable!

I am nervous how Seattle will react to our new little one...seeing she's still a baby herself! I'm still worried, but she was so sweet with little Drake! She kept cooing at him and trying to hold him! So maybe...just maybe...it will be a good thing when baby arrives!

April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Easter Morning...coming down the stairs! The best was Madison's reaction to everything. She kept saying the "Bunny gave us eggs?!" She was confused, yet excited the entire time!
Seattle found her first egg, which had 1 non staining color of jelly bean inside it...I know, weren't we generous?! She just kept shaking it over and over again. Each of the kids has their own color of Easter egg to find, so yellow was hers...
Checking out some of their Easter goodies...
Boston had all the "sports" eggs, so Phil had fun hiding them in crazy places...he found most without any help!
Seattle just had fun running around after everyone. When she saw that they were putting their eggs in bags...she had to copy them and grabbed a hold of Paris' bag to put hers inside too:)
This is when her egg accidentally broke open...and she discovered there was candy inside! It was priceless! I wish we got this on video!!!
My aunt got all the kids matching Easter outfits this year! Every year I get the kids new Easter gear...but it's so hard to get them all matching! Usually the younger two match and the older two match...then I find Boston something. But this year she actually found all of their sizes in a dress! I couldn't believe it! SO A HUGE THANK YOU TO AUNT JOANIE!!!! I wanted to take their pictures at a park or before church when their hair still looked good, but we settled for after church...in the backyard! Maybe sometime next week Sandy and I can go try out her new camera and take some professional looking pics!!
Paris loves to take pictures and really wanted one in her "princess" dress!
We just walked in the door from church...Madison is protesting picture time because she's hungry! (I felt her pain!)
After picture time, we went with some friends to the park by the lake near Estrella Mountain. It was perfect weather for an egg hunt! We had some cupcakes and a sweet picnic!
Seattle's favorite spot...by the water of course! SO Phil got a workout following her around...everywhere!
WE told the kids they couldn't go find any eggs, until they took a picture...yeah that went well!)
Madison found two eggs and was completely satisfied with that. She knew she had eggs at home, and reminded me every chance she got!

Seattle found an egg open on the grass (yes it was one of ours) and decided to bust into the candy. Her egg was taken from her...but she didn't care...because she already had the goodstuff! Check out her face! It was pretty funny!
Seattle and Ryan are about 5 weeks apart and were trying so hard to stay upright on the grass! It was so cute to watch them waddling around!

Easter was a hit at the Wyatt house...hopefully you all had great Easter too!