May 16, 2008

Madison's new face:(

This is what happened last night as a result of siblings carrying siblings! We have been dreading this one for a while! Usually it's our 30lb Paris carrying our 25lb Madison and we are constantly asking her to put her down, but this time it was Brooklyn trying to be helpful. Madison didn't want to come inside after a nice evening spent gardening with mom. Dad had his hands full, so he asked Brooklyn to bring Madison inside. Madison decided to throw a fit and Brooklyn decided to half carry her in, but on the way tripped and fell with her on the cement step! After I freaked out and thought for sure her nose was broken, her bottom two teeth were going to fall out, and her lip would need amazing thing happened! The bleeding and crying stopped and off she went to play! Kids amaze me! She played, she ate, she slept, and she continues to play today! She's only mentioned her lip a few times. It looks a bit better today, but I told my family about the horrific experience and they all wanted to see her little face today. So here's the pictures.

May 11, 2008

What a Mother's Day!

It was a wonderful Mother's Day this year! I not only got to spend the day with my two moms (phil's mom too) but also got to have Seattle's blessing! It was pretty sweet I have to admit! I didn't get breakfast in bed...hello, my moms were here, I should have been doing stuff for them! But my dad made french toast, eggs, bacon, and juice for everyone! Breakfast is his specialty! Then I got the best cards from the kids and Phil! I had to share my card from my husband with both moms and I know they were jealous! It's this type of stuff that keeps our marriage going strong! I was laughing so hard...especially when I found the little note he hid in the back! That's an inside joke that we have. We try and give eachother coupons for things with expiration dates...and then hide them until after they expire! That way the thought was there! (It's something my brothers and sisters used to do all the time when we were younger.) P.S. I found his message before it expired!

May 10, 2008

Arizona Science Center

Since we had my parents and Phil's parents in town this weekend, we decided to explore other things to do around Arizona. We heard great things about the Arizona Science Center, so we gave it a try! My older 3 had a blast and got to learn things, Madison, loved the fact she could run around and play with things. Seattle...lounged in the stroller. We decided to get the year pass so we'll be going back! We didn't get to see everything because when you get a big group together, someone's always hungry, thirsty, tired, poopy, or all of the above...ironically none of the KIDS were...this time!!! J/K No, we really had a lot of fun! It's right next to that Pizza place that became famous on Oprah, so my dad went and talked to the owners to see when the best time to come was. They said to get there around 3:45p.m. and the doors open at 5:oo p.m.! So just in case anyone was wondering how to get to taste some of that pizza, now you know!
P.S. If you want to see what our kids are supposed to look like, check out the beautiful sight of Phil and I below! Can I hear....SEXY!!!

May 9, 2008

Time to Swim!

We've already broken in the pool a couple of times so far this year! It's been great for the kids! I refuse to get in until it's atleast 85 but the kids think it's perfect. I'll use the time to soak up some rays on the side for a couple more weeks!

May 3, 2008

Photo Op!

Okay, so this is as close as it's going to get for family pictures! I've been slacking in the "all the kids together" photos. So I decided to round everyone up and take some snap shots of everyone! As you can see it was a bit difficult to get everyone to look at the camera and smile at the same time! It was a bunch of fun though! If you can't tell by looking at the pictures, Madison was talking the ENTIRE TIME! We decided to take a couple of them all individually too so you can see how grown up everyone is getting!