May 29, 2010

Book Of Mormon family challenge...

This summer has been great so far with the kids out of school, we've been swimming, swimming, and did I mention swimming?  I'm all about easy activities with the kids, so swimming fits of course:)  Lately however, I've been trying to think of a long term goal we could complete as a family, especially since they're home right now, and maybe get a sweet reward to look forward to also!

I came up with the idea of reading the Book Of Mormon...I know, I know, not an original idea, but it's a new one to our family as a WHOLE.  So, since the kids are very visual...and, come on, I am too...I found an idea for a Book Of Mormon chart online...the only problem was that it was too small to get the I stumbled and sketched until I created my own chart of sorts:)

Oh isn't it lovely?  Ha Ha!  I'm no artist, but it serves it's purpose...we get the idea of where we are.

Since Brooklyn, Boston, and Paris are all old enough to read, it's been great having them take turns reading and then telling everyone there impressions of what's going on!  The younger three have no clue what's going on, but it's still been such a sweet experience to learn as they do and see things with such innocence!  We have a long way to go, but are happy to report that we are now on 2Nephi! Whoo hoo!  

The funny part was coming up with a reward as a family.  We asked each of the kids to come up with what the reward should be for completing the entire Book Of Mormon...the answers were hilarious!

Brooklyn:  1. Skittles
                 2.Go to Nana's House
Boston:      1.Play the computer
                  2.Visit the Great Wall of China!
Paris:         1. Candy 
                 2. Go to Nana's or Gramma Debbie's House
                 3. Just go to Peter Piper Pizza with Shavonne
Madison:   1. I want to go to the beach and see sharks!       

LOVE IT!  Kids are the BEST!!!!

May 27, 2010

Triple Fudge Crunch Cake

So it's no secret that I LOVE chocolate and any excuse to bake something really:)  I decided since it was Sunday and we were all in the mood to snack that I'd try out a new cake recipe.  When Phil saw the ingredients he cringed and said, "I'm out" I warned him not to judge a recipe by the ingredients:) 

I think it's safe to say...he ate his words...literally!  The cake is super yummy and is definitely a crowd pleaser!

Here's what you need...
1/3 Cup Sweetened Condensed Milk
1 bag Milk Chocolate Chips
1 package Fudge or Milk Chocolate Cake Mix, I use Betty Crocker
1/2 Cup Vegetable Oil
1 Cup Applesauce
2 Eggs
1 Cup Chopped Pecans

To Start:  Heat your oven to 350.  Grease the bottom only of a 13X9 pan.
Next, Microwave the condensed milk and half a cup of the chocolate chips in a small microwaveable bowl uncovered on Medium (50%) in 30 second intervals until the chocolate is softened; stir until smooth and set aside.
Now for the cake part:  Beat cake mix and oil together with a mixer or your kitchenaide, just until it turns crumbly; scoop out 1 cup of that mixture and set it aside...Now add the applesauce and eggs into the remaining cake mixture, the mixture will seem thick and grainy, just continue to beat for about 2 minutes or so then spread it into your pan.
Drop melted chocolate mixture in tablespoons onto the cake batter. 
Grab that cup full of crumbly cake bits and add it to another 1/2 cups of chocolate chips and the pecans.  Just mix with your hands until it's "topping" worthy:)  Crumble the mixture all over the cake batter, then bake it for 45-50 minutes or until the center is set.
Cool completely or serve hot with ice's super yummy!
Sorry my photos aren't better...I only had my phone camera handy:)

May 21, 2010

Las Vegas With the Ladies!!

My good friend Sandy moved to Colorado last year and we've missed hanging out:(  We finally found a weekend that worked for everyone and decided to meet in Las Vegas!
My trip kicked off around 4:30pm on Saturday when Phil dropped me off at good ol Sky Harbor...only to find out 30 minutes later that I'd be grounded an extra hour and a half due to missing flight attendants?!?!?!  I was the last one to arrive, so we kicked off dinner at P.F. Changs...YUMMMM!  It's been years since I've eaten there and I'm always leery of trying new know me and my vegetarian + bacon lifestyle;)  I have to say the Tofu Rice meal was EXCELLENT...and I'm not even a fan of Tofu!
As you can tell...we had lots of fun taking pictures!
After dinner we headed to Planet Hollywood to catch a hypnotist.  While we were waiting I caught sight of these GARGANTUAN hand prints and had to take a pic:) 
While we were waiting for the earlier show to get out, we were stuck in the bar area and I noticed these "sweet" little rooms!  Ha Ha! I had to take a pic and show Phil...of course you'll all be very glad to know there was no dancing on my trip:)
After a very eventful night...literally a fight broke out next door in the middle of the night and we thought the people fighting were going to crash through our door any minute...somehow we all did manage to fall asleep, and then we awoke to this beautiful view!  Breakfast at IHOP...
Shopping at H&M...I must have missed the memo about NOT smiling...;)
Kim, Sandy, and I.
Trying on horrible shades...
I'm actually thinking when you guys are like guys could totally rock these!!!! 
We had soo much fun and adventures to match! 
Sandy was a doll and taught us all how to play Roulette!  I am now a huge fan, it was incredibly fun! Oh the weekend literally flew by!  I flew home on Monday afternoon to a happy husband and 6 kids!  I can't wait to go out on a Ladies Getaway again!  Maybe we can go someplace tropical next!!!!

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...always a treat:)

I love the idea of Mother's Day...I think it's a wonderful idea.  However, this year I've decided that I'm trading Mother's Day for Father's Day with Phil.  I awoke at 3:30 am to the sound of Seattle becoming the first member of the "pukey and poopy" club...aww sweet sounds you love to wake up to!  Luckily, I have the best husband in the world he cleaned that one up:)  Then about 5:30am Berlin joined the "pukey and poopy" club...bliss, complete bliss...this one needed a two man clean up crew to tackle it:(

After the clean up and lots of help from Phil...I was able to lay back down and enjoy my pillow for about an hour before Phil had to leave for our 8am sacrament:)  Of course, I'm the lucky one to stay home...after all it is Mother's Day!!!

On a good note...during the hour I was out COLD...and rolled over to see these cute little gifts sitting on my night stand:)

The snowflake thingy is from Paris...and the cute card is from Brooklyn:)

--Side Story about the candy and flowers and why I'm actually excited about them...

SO last year on Mother's Day Sunday, at church I started noticing women wearing these corsages pinned to their dresses.  Sweet...not my style, but sweet, nonetheless.  After seeing like 20 different ladies with them, I HAD to ask someone what kind "exclusive club" they all belonged to.  The answer was, in Elder's Quorum they sent around a little sign up sheet that the husbands could all sign up and pay to have these flowers delivered to their wives today.  Awww where's mine?
Naturally, having Seattle just out of nursery's reach, and me sitting up front in Relief Society, I found my I saw Phil hanging out in the foyer with about 3 other dad's and their kids, who's wives also coincidentally, didn't have the sweet corsages either:)  I thought it was funny, but I did like harassing him about it.

Needless to say, Phil was in Elder's Quorum this year when the sign up sheets went around...and I wasn't left out this year:)  It was completely worth it!

P.S. Thanks Melanie for being the greatest and sending home the Mother's Day Treat from sacrament with Phil!  You're the BEST!

May 1, 2010

Girls Night Out!

It's been a while since the "ladies" have all gotten together:(  We had like 5 out of the 7 of us having a birthday within the month, so we decided it was an EXCELLENT excuse to get together again!  We've missed Maylene living close and are glad when new friends get to join in on the fun too.  Sorry to all the others that couldn't make it, we will definitely plan another!

We went to the "fan favorite" of the group...Oreganos!  It was a little warm, and we only had to wait about  an hour for a table...and it flew by!  Note: Always go to a packed restaruant when you're meeting up with friends you haven't seen in a while!  It's sooo good to catch up without shoving food in your mouths at the same time, which we also do, but it's still nice to get some convo in first;) 

We always tend to get a little silly and have THE BEST conversations, definitely a well needed break!

My flash on my phone for some reason flashes it tricks you!  You see the first flash...assume it's done, and go back to your usual pose when BAM it catches you for real this time!  I haven't been on the receiving end of it yet...(notice no self portraits as my FB profile) so that will explain some of these really hottt shots!  Ha Ha!  The first couple were so funny, we decided we were going to keep taking crazy shots.






Thanks Ladies it was sooooo much fun!!!!!!!  Can't you tell by my scary expression?????  Bet you all would be scared to run into me after watching Eclipse,  I give a whole new meaning to "pale face"...hahaha!