October 31, 2009

It's Halloween!!

I'm so in for a treat...I can see it slowly evolving each year as 1 more girl gets older, more hair, and an opinion for their Halloween Costume! Wow...we started at 3 o'clock with hair and makeup! Seriously...I would call out "Next!" Like the "Soup Nazi" episode of Seinfeld! Phil had it rough too...I think he was playing Guitar Hero and he would echo my call of "Next" if he was in between songs. Must be rough being the father of 5 girls! Ha! (This is also very similar to how Sunday mornings run at our house!)

This year Brooklyn decided that she wanted to be "Glenda the good witch". I haven't seen too many of those costumes in stores, so we decided to ask "Gramma Debbie" if she could use some of her "Awesome Sewing Talent" on a costume! She did such a great job! It was so pretty! And she did it with Phil giving her all the measurements over the phone...that's a huge task by itself! SO a huge thanks to Mom Wyatt for making Brooklyn happy this year. She LOVED her costume!

Paris decided that she wanted to be a "50's Girl" and wear a poodle skirt and jacket. You just never know with Paris! My mom actually bought her this costume to wear last year, but she decided last minute she didn't want to! Go figure?! This year she told me she wanted to wear it, so I held my breath and crossed my fingers...it must have worked because she DIDN'T CHANGE HER MIND!!! She actually only wore 1 costume this year! Crazy! She's VERY picky about her shoes, and hair...and yes, since we were using Makeup today...that too! Ugh...everything had to have her "approval" before we could move on! Oh, please tell me it just gets easier when they're teens! Ha Ha! That's a joke...I know.

Madison is still at the age where you can find a cute costume and tell her that's what she wants to be...and it WORKS! WE went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast about a month ago and we saw this cute Witch Costume and fell in love with it! We decided that Madison would make a very cute witch, and she seemed to think the same! Luckily, her hair and makeup were a breeze too!

Seattle, still has little to no hair, so she was a dream in the hair department and as for her costume...easy as pie! You already saw our cute little photo shoot a couple of days ago! She was just excited to leave! The only shots we have are of her...making sure she wouldn't be left behind!

Berlin was our Snow White this year. She had no idea what she was wearing and am pretty sure, she cared even less!

Now for my boy...Boston! This year he wanted to be a "Vampire"...I don't think it has anything to do with Twilight...even though his sisters all seem to LOVE the movie, he doesn't seem to share their passion. I guess that's a good thing? Anyway, I tried talking him into being a really handsome vampire...you know like Edward? But he wanted NOTHING to do with that...he wanted "scary with lots of blood". SO I gave him what he wanted...lots of white gooey makeup with waxy blood oozing out of his mouth. At least he was happy about it! Boys...

I took all the kids out first, we just went around our block...very slowly. Seattle actually walked the entire way! Madison was our big "Scaredy Cat" last year, but this year she would walk up to every door, lift up her hat, and say, "Hello Friends can I have some of you candy"! Even though we drilled "TRICK OR TREAT" into her...it just didn't stick! I have to admit, it was ADORABLE! There was even one guy wearing a skeleton costume with red glowing eyes, with loud metal music blaring and Madison just kept waving at him with a huge smile! After he gave her some candy, she came running back to me saying, "Mommy, that's my scary friend that likes to listen to scary music! I like him!" (Remind me to give her the stranger danger speech...especially when they offer candy!)

This is exactly what Seattle would do...venture up to peoples doors via the "long route" and by that time the kids had already grabbed candy and were on their way back, so she would then just turn around and start running back too! If it wasn't for Brooklyn peddling candy for her...she really wouldn't have any! Which is A-OK in my book!
Halloween was great fun! When we got home, Phil traded the baby for the older 3 kids and took them out further to score some more candy! I guess he got a little to into it too, because word has it...he had to use his GPS to see where he was! What a dork! Now to get rid of all this candy!!!

October 28, 2009

Seattle's got a Tutu!

My mom recently started sewing for this company, PinkBowTique.com. She calls me to look at their website everytime they get something new (which is often!) They have everything from Hair Bows and Hats to Tutu's and Socks! They have the cutest things EVER!

I LOVE tutu's and when I saw this one online I knew Seattle had to have it! Why Seattle? Well because I think she's sandwiched between my "talker" Madison and "the baby" Berlin and it's gotta be a hard place to be sometimes:) I just wanted her to feel X-TRA special, beyond all the hugs and kisses I throw her way!

So, I ordered the cute little Tutu and the matching Headband (you can't have 1 without the other!) I thought she could use it as her Halloween Costume this year!
It came in the mail today...So time for a photo shoot!!
Isn't it adorable on her?! I got these cute little ballerina shoes to match! I can't get over how adorable it is! I just realized that I didn't get a shot of the back:( It has the cutest little details! I'll take more pictures on Saturday, for Halloween. The rest of the pictures are just Seattle being Seattle...cute and adorable:)

We had so much fun and she LOVES it! If you haven't had a chance to check out PinkBowTique.com make sure you check them out!

October 24, 2009

Halloween at the Hirschi's House...

It was so sweet to see Bettijo and Heath's new place...especially since now that they are ALL the way in Glendale! I have to admit...traveling 25 minutes was a huge change from walking past 2 houses on a sidewalk:( It was so worth the drive though!

They always go ALL out on the food and decor! The table looked amazing! We had a 4 course meal, with the first course actally being vegetarian for Mike Clark and I! (Thanks Bettijo! The soup was super yummy!) I just wish I had a better picture of it! This was from my seat down...to the end. It was so dark, so I'm sure my flash threw a few people off! (Sorry about that:) I saw Bettijo taking pictures with her NICE camera...so there should be better ones to come, I'm sure!

We all sat across from our spouses, so instead of getting Jeff and Deborah...I was only able to get Deborah and Phil...sorry Jeff:)
Cynthia and I were seated next to each other this year! Our end of the table had soo much fun! We always seem to have such "colorful" conversations when we are all together;) We missed the Becks! Next year they'll have to win the lotto and come down for the entire month of October:)

Thanks Bettijo and Heath for the awesome time and the super cute Lip Salves!

October 23, 2009

Chicken Cordon Bleu...Mini Pies

So on my way out the door to pick up the kids yesterday, I saw a 30 second commercial for Rachel Ray, advertising a unique variation of a meat pie she would be making later on her show. I thought it sounded kind of good, but totally forgot to tune in for the recipe! Ha Ha! That's totally my life for you!

Anyway, I found myself thinking that there really are a bunch of things you can stuff within a pie crust and have it taste good! So after thinking of several different combinations...all I'm sure could be yummy with the right twist, I settled on Chicken Cordon Bleu...or a version of it anyway!

This recipe makes more than enough for 8! You could also cut the "pies" to be smaller if you wanted!


4 Cups Rice-(I used Minute Rice and I cooked it using chicken broth instead of water)
Broccoli (washed and chopped)
Chicken Breasts-(I boiled 4 chicken breasts boneless/skinless, then shredded them)
Swiss Cheese (I shredded an 8 oz block)
1 cube butter
3 cubes chicken bouillon
(Melt these together over medium heat. Then add about 1/4 cup flour, or just enough to make the mixture thick. Slowly add either cream or whole milk...I use half of each. I think I probably used anywhere from 4-6 cups total. (You may have to add more or less depending on how much flour you added earlier.) Make sure you are stirring constantly and allow it to simmer for a minute or two to thicken up. It should NOT be "runny", a thick liquid without any chunks! Feel free to add salt and pepper or other seasonings as you see fit:)

Pie Crust- You Can make your own...or just go to the store and pick up a few of these.

Each box contains 2 pie crusts, (which will make 4 good sized "pies".) Roll them out, 1 at a time to make basically a thinner bigger circle than provided. Once it's been rolled out, cut it in half. (I used a pizza wheel)

Now that you have all your ingredients ready and waiting to be layered...place the two halves on a covered baking sheet.

I made the "executive" decision to place the rice on the bottom, followed by broccoli next.

Then I added the chicken...

Followed by the sauce...

Then topped with cheese!I'm such a visual person...so sorry for the "play by play"...so to speak!

Now just fold it over and seal it with a fork. Make sure there isn't any food near the edges or it won't seal properly.

Then give them a little brush with egg mixture (2 egg whites and a tablespoon of water) You don't need a fancy brush either...use your fingers if you need to!

Make sure to cut a few small slits in their tops, to allow them to vent:)

Place them in a 400 degree pre-heated oven for approximately 20 minutes or until they're brown and bubbly looking!

They lift off easily with a spatula and literally take up an entire plate! Serve and enjoy!

I think I'll be trying different variations of these things over the next couple weeks! Let me know if anyone tries another combination! I would love some ideas!

October 17, 2009

Retired Super Heroes!

Sorry for the "Re-Post" but I HAD to make a few changes...

So the theme we came up with this year for our Halloween "shin-dig", was Retired Super Heroes! We had lots of great suggestions...so we decided to put a few together:) Everyone who knows me...knows how excited I get, to start planning this thing! I usually start in August getting everything in the works. This year wasn't quite as time consuming as last year's Murder Mystery Dinner, but still just as fun to plan!

I made 2 different invitations this year, one for the couples that were close and one that could be mailed a little easier. In all actuality, Phil and I couldn't agree on which ones we liked better, so it worked out great to have 2!

This one we did like an old school telegram. It has "stop" after every sentence and has some classic little details from an original telegram. This is the one we mailed...

The message in both reads...We used to be such heroes, but now seem more like zeros. Nevertheless, come party in style, with your "yester-year" gear on, you'll hold back a smile. Dress with care & don't get smudged. You won't be on trial but you will be judged!Unfortunately, 4 couples couldn't make it this year...so this was the smallest turn out yet! We still had so much fun, but I think we'll be recruiting some new couples next year! Maybe we better start getting to know people better....I'm such a home body! We've been trying to add 1 new couple a year, but now that we've figured out the whole dinner challenge...we could pack this house! Ha Ha!

Phil found his costume by accident...his old graduation gown, a sweet "comb over wig", and some coke bottle glasses! After checking him out in his gear...I just knew he had to be an old Harry Potter! I know...totally stretching it as a "super hero"! Seattle would actually cry every time he put his new glasses on! Sad! So we had her try on some of it and she warmed up to the idea!

My costume was a bit harder to find...but eventually I settled with Super Girl! Yeah...I know...So ME!?! HA!!!

We decided that since my mom couldn't fly in, we would make it a whole lot easier on yours truly by just having it catered by Macayos! We ended up LOVING their food after Phil ordered platters for my 30th...It made it sooo much easier! I was able to focus on the desserts...instead of desserts AND cooking!

I must have put my camera away after we barely starting putting out the food...because these are the only pictures I got! You get the idea...LOTS of FOOD!I was actually able to "chill" most of Saturday...which was AMAZING! So what did I do with all my extra time? I made signs...silly, silly, signs! Don't critique my terrible artistic abilities!
We have 2 rules at our parties...1) You HAVE to dress up...2)You HAVE to come HUNGRY we in turn promise...To entice people to dress up and play along in the fun things we have planned...we give out prizes...how good really depends on the couples, I guess!

We ALL voted for the Best Costume, Runner Up, and the Worst...or "Nice Effort"to put it softly! For the costumes you got from the Biggest to Littlest light up pumpkins with a ribbon saying what place you won! Unfortunately, I totally FORGOT to take pictures!!! SO instead I'll just show you couples pictures... 1st Place Costume Prize went to ...

The O'Neill's!

Runner Up went to....

The White's!

Finally, Last and Certainly "Nice Effort" went to...

The Poulsens! (They know they still rocked it...but didn't quite make the "old"cut!)

For the "Oddly Wed" game that we played...The winning couple won a pair of movie tickets...(because they know each other enough to take a time out from talking to one another.) The Runner Up...got some baking supplies...so they can brush up on some facts while having fun together in the kitchen! Finally, the last place couple got the book "Arguing with Idiots" by Glen Beck...(we couldn't find any good "couple counseling" books! So we thought this title was good:) The Hirschi's won!

Cynthia's costume was HILARIOUS! She had a pillow out back and two sagging grape fruits in the front! This was a great picture of them both...but it's not the Mike we all know and love! So sorry Cynthia...but this one made it to the Blog too!
Thanks to EVERYONE that came! We had soo much fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!