June 30, 2008

The kids are back!!

So after 12 days of bliss at their nana and papa's house, the kids have returned to Phoenix! Unfortunately, Phil flew out this morning on business and he won't be back until tomorrow night, so he's missed out on our little reunion. I left Madison at a friends house, to make it a little easier to pick up the kids with just Seattle and I. The kids were so excited to see her. They were so cute. Of course they couldn't wait to see Madison. I asked them all who they missed the most, Paris and Boston both shout out Seattle and Madison's names, while Brooklyn, a little wiser, says "of course you mommy!" I knew it wasn't true, but she still won the points! Some of the questions I got during the car ride home were, "Mom did Madison turn 3 already?" and "Mom can Seattle eat real food now?" The younger two still have no concept of time! I was giggling to myself because it was just so cute. When we got home the first thing they wanted to do was ride their bikes and play with their toys outside...pay no attention that it was still 110+. They didn't seem to notice. Well anyway...it's back to reality for us all! Stay tuned for photos from their trip.

June 28, 2008

Our first "New" car purchase!

Okay, so in the ten years we have been married we have only been to a car dealership once, and that was 10 months into our marriage when we bought our red '98 Mitsubishi Mirage! That little car lasted us until August of 2006 when sadly her transmission decided to die. She had a sweet 200k miles and really was an awesome car. After she passed, Phil wanted something thing old and comfy. So we purchased a '93 Toyota Camry, its been a sweet couple of years, until Phil recently decided it was time for an upgrade. So we thought we'd take a couple of car dealerships on...and 5 hours later we bought our 1st New Car! It's a '08 Mitsubishi Lancer. We know it's not the hottest thing on the market or anything, but hey its only got like 450 miles on it! So I have to post pictures to commemorate the event. This day may never come again! j/k I decided I would name it "lilly" but Phil said, first if this was a gay car, it would be named "prancer", but this car was a guy, and his name was going to be "Lance". Those of you who know my husbands humor, would understand that this conversation was hilarious!!!

June 26, 2008

I've been Tagged...

Me From A to Z............

A-- Attached or Single? Attached to Flip for 10 years now!
B-- Best Friend? Phil, my mom, and my 3 sisters (in that order!)
C-- Cake or Pie? Cake without a doubt!
D-- Day of Choice? Saturday, because we usually go out shopping!
E-- Essential Item? Pacifier X 2!!!!
F-- Favorite Color? Purple
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither...I'm not a gummy fan!
H-- Hometown? Patterson, CA
I-- Indulgence(s) Cherry Limeade from Sonic and grilled cheeses from In-N-Out
J-- January or July? July because just like me, it's hot!!
K-- Kids? Brooklyn, Boston, Paris, Madison, and Seattle (These cities never sleep!)
L-- Life is incomplete without? A good sense of humor, a soft bed, and plenty of kids!
M-- Marriage Date? June 20, 1998
N-- Number of siblings? 5, Sarah, Tyler, Shavonne, Blake, and Sky.
O-- Oranges or Apples? Oranges all the way! Who can resist an orange smile??
P-- Phobias or fears? Heights, spiders, fires, and growing old!
Q- Quotes? "Holy Crap", "Classic", "Sweet", and "Flippin' A"
R-- Reason to Smile? I have 6, the perfect husband, and 5 awesome kids!
S-- Season? Christmas, because I love decorating the house and baking!
T-- Tag 5 People?? Phil, Shavonne, Amy, Brandi, and Jamie.
U-- Unkown Fact? My name used to be spelled "SOMER" but too many people were mispronouncing my name, so my parents legally changed it to "SUMMER".
V-- Very Favorite Store? The one with the most sales!!!!
W-- Worst Habit? Can't say "No" to people, when I should. I feel bad!
X-- X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasounds! (They don't cause cancer...yet!)
Y-- Your favorite food? Grilled Cheeses with everything but tomatoes from In-N-Out!
Z-- Zodiac? Aries

Photo Op!

It's very rare that I can get these two in a photo together while looking sweet! So I got out the camera this morning and decided to snap a couple of shots before we embark on our outside adventures for the day!

June 25, 2008

Things to do at Nana's!

One of the kids favorite activities to do with my mom is to frost sugar cookies. They love it and my mom lets them do it all by themselves!

Boston saved a piece for me...it didn't really survive well in his backpack. I'm sure it would have been delicious!)

My Aunt Joanie came over and was caught giving Boston an "operation" after he was hurt!
The kids were enjoying a cool backyard with grass!

Our Little Miss Independant

Well it's been a week since the kids have been gone at my parents house in California! Wow time has really flown by! I've gotten to talk to them almost everyday and get to hear all of the details on their far off adventures! It's been really sweet. Dad doesn't get the phone calls as much as mom, so he's missing them a bit more. Pretty much everyone who has talked to me in the past week has also heard of the trouble Madison has gotten into! It's funny I think having the other kids around all the time has made it so either she's too busy to get into stuff, or there's enough of us around to catch her in the act before it gets ugly! Poor Madison, she's just bored stiff with only mom and a baby around. The good thing is that we've had a lot of bonding time and we've been watching a lot of Noggin, which is good for us both. I'm sure there's a lot of you moms who can relate to these pictures! Good thing my wipes were almost out! It could have been a lot worse. I also made her clean up after herself. She was a little too happy though!

June 24, 2008

Fun with Nana and Papa

Here are some more pictures of their fun vacation at my parent's house in Patterson, CA. My mom took the girls to Club Libby Lu and let them have lots of fun at the local splash pad!
Cheap labor! All of them having a blast washing my mom's car!

Cooling off at a new Splash Pad.

Brooklyn and Paris getting pampered at Club Libby Lu!

Showing off their cute new do's!

June 20, 2008

10 Flippin Years!!!

Phil and I just celebrated our 10th Weddding Anniversary! We both can't believe how fast time flies by! We had a bunch of fun thinking of all the things we used to think would have happened by the time 10 years would come. We were so retarded! I think it's safe to say we accomplished more than we thought! We're still waiting for a few things like...having a 65" big screen and buying matching bedroom furniture to name a few. We're oh...so close though! j/k Phil's parents were sweet enough to come and watch the two girls we had at home for us while we went out for a bite. We decided that we were going to post pone our "second honeymoon" for a later date, when Seattle gets a little older. Being the "old" people we are now, we decided to celebrate our big day at Dave and Busters! It was so much fun! We had way to much fun playing without any kids to watch! Being the cute romantic he has always been, Phil continued to make sure our 10th was a year to remember. He surprised me on Valentines Day (10 years to the day of his proposal) with a second proposal which was totally so incredibly sweet and it even included a new "double" sized ring! I was so amazed and didn't expect anything else but dinner for our anniversary, but Phil later surprised me with my own actual pair of diamond earings and a beautiful watch! He knows I'm completely satisfied with my "Claire's jewelry" but didn't want my ears to turn green any more! It was so cute! Just so everyone is clear, my most expensive piece of jewelry, prior to this year, besides my previous wedding ring, was like 15 bucks! Jewelry has never really been my "thing", but I have to say there's something so awesome about a guy buying them for you without even having to ask!!!! SO I'm not bragging, I'm just way excited! So here's a cheer for the next 10!

June 18, 2008

Up, Up, and Away!

Brooklyn, Boston, and Paris are officially on their way to California! Today is Paris' 5th birthday and the day they get to fly to their Nana and Papa's house! They've been counting down the days. While we were standing in the security line, Boston sounded a little worried as he asked how the pilots could steer the airplines in the air with no tires. Then when we came to the security check point, he wanted to know why they checked kids for "weapons"? "Don't they know that we're too little to have weapons"? I had to laugh at his use of "weapons". I'd wondered where he heard that they were checking for "weapons" and he said that dad had told him last night. "That's why they have the metal detectors, to check for weapons, mom". He also gave me a million kisses and said he wanted to remember my face. He was so sweet. My girls on the other hand didn't seem nervous at all. Brooklyn just thought the kid passes around their necks looked "dumb." Paris was too excited to jam, she did manage a "goodbye" "I'll miss you" at the end, which was nice. They'll be gone until June 30th, which seems like forever, but I know they'll have a blast. My mom and Dad have a fun two weeks planned. It's seems so wierd to only have two at home. It seems so quiet! I'm sure it fly by!

June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I planned on doing something sweet for Phil for breakfast, but instead...I slept in. Well I don't know if you could really call it that. I was up at 6:10a.m. when my sister Sarah called me. (She's in South Carolina) In her defense, I'm usually already awake already around this time. My nephew, Steele, learned my name and was saying it so perfectly over and over again, so she let him call me. It was so cute. Phil, of course was already awake. Oh well. Better luck next year. It's the thought that counts anyway, right? Since it was a rough night for Seattle (allergies), and the other kids stayed up late, the kids were all begging to stay home with Dad instead of going to church. Nothing says Happy Father's Day like staying home with 5 kids right? Phil happily volunteered, so I told the kids they could only stay home if they performed the song they were supposed to sing to him in sacrament meeting! Let's just say...I'm not sure what they do during Singing Time??? The kids got him an "I love Dad" tie and I got him an Ipod Shuffle for his workouts at Lifetime. All in all I think it was a great Father's Day!

June 14, 2008

Paris had an "Amazing" B-Day party!

Paris and Maddy shared their 5th B-day party today at Amazing Jakes in Mesa. Maddy turned 5 on the 12th and Paris will turn 5 on the 18th. We invited their friends and had about 4 hours of non-stop fun! Paris got so many sweet gifts including "Heely's" to match her big brother and sister's. If you want to see all the fun pictures we captured, you'll have to look on my slide.com account to see them. (we took a bunch:) There were rides, games, and tons of food! Thanks to everyone that was able to come...thank you cards are in the mail!!!

June 6, 2008

Books for Grades!

Brooklyn got straight E's again for like the 8th quarter in a row and we're very proud of her! She loves to read, so while we were at Costco last night, we let her pick out any book or set she wanted! Boston had a record 3 quarters in a row with no "S-" so we're very proud he's even improved to having only S+'s and E's! (Which if you knew how much Boston hated to go to school or do homework, you'd be very proud too!) Both of them love to read, so he got to pick out a book too. They both stayed up late last night and have been reading all morning so far...I can't wait until the rest learn to read! What a quiet summer it would be!!!

June 3, 2008

Seattle's New Bumbo Seat!

I tried one of these at a friends house a couple of years ago when Madison was like 4 months old and thought it was amazing that she could sit up! (she was a little on the slow side) So I've been wanting one for Seattle...even though she's our last. (Can my sisters hear free "hand me down"?!) Anyway this thing is amazing! Seattle isn't quite 3 months yet, but has been doing so many things that I thought she might be ready to try the "Bumbo"! It is so flipping sweet! She doesn't really enjoy her swing, because she's constantly trying to sit up in it??? She doesn't enjoy tummy time or back time for very long...so the solution is this seat! I have been able to get so much done now! The kids love talking to her in it! She even catches a few glimpses of the T.V.! So if anyone is wondering whether or not to buy this seat I give it FIVE STARS!!!