August 31, 2007

Girl Time!

I walked into the bathroom and noticed that Madison had just learned to climb up into the sink! Of course while holding my sunglasses! How she managed I'm a little unsure, but they seem to remain in one piece! Within a minute or so big sister Paris joined the picture party! Madison is just learning that you're supposed to smile for the camera! We had fun.

August 23, 2007

Happy 6th Birthday Boston

Boston turns 6! He was so excited to find out how much he'd grown overnight! He wanted spaghetti for dinner, his favorite. When it came time for presents he was really hoping for a CD player. Every night his sisters get to go to sleep blasting the childrens primary CD, it really makes Boston mad and all he's wanted since they got that CD was for his own CD to blast right back. Well we were crazy and made his wish come true. We endured about 15 minutes of the Primary chorus VS Baby Einstein Lullabye's before we had to put a volume cap on both!