March 25, 2008

Trip to the Zoo!

I've been a little behind posting some pictures! Here is our first trip to the Phoenix Zoo! We went in March when Seattle was a little over 2 weeks. It was a little warm outside and we definitely got our exercise for the day! The kids had fun checking out the animals and we had fun watching them get so excited. My sister Sky was visiting so we thought this might be a fun idea. I recommend going no earlier than October and no later than March. It would be crazy to be out there during the summer! My kids enjoyed the Monkeys the most...I wonder why? Maybe because there's a huge resemblence in behavior????

The Hunt is on...

This year was the first year that some of our kids are getting smart and sneaky enough to sneak down and try to catch the "Easter Bunny", ha luckily it was a few steps ahead! They did however manage to sneak a peak at all their basket goodies before mom and dad had a chance to come down stairs! I swear my kids dress themselves in the sweetest outfits to go to sleep in too! I never care until it's Easter morning and have the camara's out! Oh well. We weren't going to go to church since I am still on my "baby quarantine" time! (We team teach CTR 5!) Sky was great to have around and I'm sure she enjoyed waking up before 7 to open Easter baskets!

March 19, 2008

St. Patty's Day Clan!

This month seems to be flying by! We had to show our Irish pride by dressing up for St. Patty's Day! Mom was still here and made the best corn beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots! It reminded me of home when we were little! Brooklyn won the spelling bee for her class and came in second place for her grade. Then she made student of the month for March and had straight E's for the second quarter in a row! We are very proud of her! On another positive note, Boston got 4 E's this quarter on his report card...which is HUGE!!! So we're pretty proud of our students! We also were able to celebrate my mom's 40 something birthday with hour long massages at the Red Door spa! Phil treated us was sooooo relaxing! He also did wonderful at his first time with just the kids (all 5)! He's the greatest dad in the world. He loves to have the kids and is never short on offering to send me out for "girl" time with my friends or just solo! He's the best dad ever!

March 15, 2008

Playing with Aunt Sky

Just got these cute pictures of the girls and Sky when she came to visit after Seattle was born.

Meet Seattle Brooke Wyatt

Okay so I was enduced on Monday, March 10th! I went in around 4 in the morning! Yes, they schedule them at the most opportune times! My sister Shavonne and my mom were great sports waking up so early with me! Thanks to Sandy and Kim my other 4 were being well taken care of! We arrived around 4 and they got me started on the enduction around 6:30. Three hours later Seattle was born! It was by far the best and easiest delivery! I of course had an epidural and it worked this time! I felt great!! So at 9:30am our little 8lb girl finally arrived! The nurses were very impressed with my calm demeanor...I think Shavonne was a little impressed too! But then again it was baby #5! Too bad we're done...I think I could do a few more like that...but then again...WE'RE DONE!!! Sorry it's taken us so long to get the pictures up, but now they're on and thanks so much to everyone that's called and emailed about us both! It meant a lot to us all!