April 15, 2008

Summer Turns 29!

Yikes, I'm approaching 30! I can't believe it! I had fun opening presents at home from all the kids and enjoying some fun surprises from Phil. He surprised me with some great gifts, of course...but he also ordered me the Olive Garden lemon cheesecake for my birthday cake and arranged for some friends and I to go the movies! It was really fun! We saw a really boring movie, "Leather Heads" but the company was great! (Sorry if anyone actually saw this movie and liked it!)

Also a huge thanks to all my family and friends who called me, sent me cards, text messages, and gifts! I love hearing from all of you!

April 13, 2008

Madison Turns 2!

I can't believe she's already 2! It goes by so fast! She started out so happy and then I told her she was 2 and it went down hill fast! I guess 2 is a hard year for everyone involved! We had our good friends the Beck's over for cake and icecream, which of course made Madison very happy! She loves to follow Talen around. He's like 7 or 8 months older than her and she just thinks he's the greatest! I'm sure he could care less but he's sweet with her! If we ever want her to go somewhere or do something, we just include the word Talen in the sentence! It's super cute. She though we were absolutely crazy when we put the burning candle on top of her cupcake! She didn't really want anything to do with it after that, it was so funny. The other kids enjoyed watching her open her presents and of course sharing her cupcakes! I think she's coming to terms that she's gonna be 2 for awhile!