February 17, 2010

Berlin is 8 mos!

Wow that went really, really fast:(
 I know I totally went picture CRAZY, but she has this CUTE outfit from pinkbowtique.com/ with a bunch of cute headbands!  I couldn't decide on only 1!  I get so many compliments on her bows/headbands/flowers...so check out there website if you get a chance! 

 She just got her first tooth on the bottom...it's so "snaggly" and cute!  Do those two words even make sense in the same sentence?  Ha ha!

 She's sitting, crawling, and pulling herself up EVERYWHERE! 

 Her cute little personality coming out:)

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit!  The ruffles on the bum are adoreable!!!

The socks are too cute too!  So I had to include her chubby little footsies!


Teresa said...

adorable, adorable, Adorable! I wish they had socks like that for grownups too. =)

Summer said...

Wouldn't that be fun!? I wonder if people would be as excited to see them on us though?