February 20, 2011

2011 Crystal Gardens Young Women's New Beginnings

This year our theme was "The Biggest Gainer"...super cute!

 Sister Young did such an amazing job on the balloons, scripting, and overall decor!
 She also made these cute favors for all the new girls:)
 I was in charge of the treats...so I went with foods in the YW value colors

FAITH (White) - Stands for purity
DIVINE NATURE (Blue) - Reminds us of the sky, heaven and where we came
from. We are of divine parents.

INDIVIDUAL WORTH (Red) - Reminds us of the blood of Christ. The Savior
believed that there wasn't any price too high to pay for us. He loved us so much that He
willingly paid for us with His blood and His own life. He bled from every pore for us.
He paid the infinite price. We are of great worth to the Lord and we should be to
ourselves as well.

KNOWLEDGE (Green) - Reminds us of spring time when things are starting to grow.
We too, should keep growing and learning.

CHOICE AND ACCOUNTABILITY(Orange) - The caution on a stoplight. We too,
have choices to make and we need to pray to make the correct choices. We need to use
caution in making choices.
‚ GOOD WORKS (Yellow) - Sunshine. When we give service it makes us feel warm all
over just as the sun makes us feel warm. We are always blessed by the service we give.

INTEGRITY (Purple) - Royal color. The dye was very hard to come by in past ages
and was costly to produce so only people of royal birth (Kings and Queens) could afford
to wear the cloth of this color. It came to represent royalty. We are of royal birth...
daughters of Heavenly Father. Someday, if we live worthily, we will be princesses and
Queens. We must have integrity to do that. If we have integrity we have all the other
values as well.

Virtue (Gold)-Virtue is remaining morally clean and sexually pure. Being virtuous will help young women prepare to go to the temple and fulfill future roles as wives and mothers.