February 19, 2008

Brooklyn's Baptism Party!

We were lucky enough to have quite a few family members travel here for her special day! She had her Grandparents, Great-Grandma, Aunt Shauna and two cousins, Makenzie and Amaya, from Utah come and visit from the Wyatt side! Brooklyn really loved seeing them again! She doesn't get to play with many cousins, so it was a short and sweet treat!
She also had her Aunt Shavonne and Uncle Greg along with cousin Haven from Utah come to visit too! Her Pittson side Grandparents and Aunt Sky were able to come too! Sky and Shavonne had fun doing her hair all weekend...we all loved the cute styles!
We want to thank all of our other family and friends for coming and fitting her day into your schedules too! It really meant a lot to her and all of us!
Her Grandma Debbie made her special baptism dress that she was baptised in. She looked like a princess! We're so proud of her!