March 15, 2008

Meet Seattle Brooke Wyatt

Okay so I was enduced on Monday, March 10th! I went in around 4 in the morning! Yes, they schedule them at the most opportune times! My sister Shavonne and my mom were great sports waking up so early with me! Thanks to Sandy and Kim my other 4 were being well taken care of! We arrived around 4 and they got me started on the enduction around 6:30. Three hours later Seattle was born! It was by far the best and easiest delivery! I of course had an epidural and it worked this time! I felt great!! So at 9:30am our little 8lb girl finally arrived! The nurses were very impressed with my calm demeanor...I think Shavonne was a little impressed too! But then again it was baby #5! Too bad we're done...I think I could do a few more like that...but then again...WE'RE DONE!!! Sorry it's taken us so long to get the pictures up, but now they're on and thanks so much to everyone that's called and emailed about us both! It meant a lot to us all!


Craig, Sarah, Liv & Sev said...

Congratulations you guys!!!
It has been too long! Craig and I were talking and we haven't even met Madison! And now we are unaquainted with 2 of your children! That is too weird! We need to make a trip out to Phoenix. We are thinking about coming out the end of April.
Hopefully we will get to meet your new little one soon!
We are so happy for you
The Lumley's

Kandice & Rob said...


She's so pretty. :) I love the picture of all the kids together!

Jamie said...

Congratulations! She's beautiful! Hope you're feeling well, it's so nice to have an easy delivery :)

Maylene said...

Congratulations! She is super cute! But I guess all your girls are! Hope you are recovering ok and getting used to FIVE!