May 16, 2008

Madison's new face:(

This is what happened last night as a result of siblings carrying siblings! We have been dreading this one for a while! Usually it's our 30lb Paris carrying our 25lb Madison and we are constantly asking her to put her down, but this time it was Brooklyn trying to be helpful. Madison didn't want to come inside after a nice evening spent gardening with mom. Dad had his hands full, so he asked Brooklyn to bring Madison inside. Madison decided to throw a fit and Brooklyn decided to half carry her in, but on the way tripped and fell with her on the cement step! After I freaked out and thought for sure her nose was broken, her bottom two teeth were going to fall out, and her lip would need amazing thing happened! The bleeding and crying stopped and off she went to play! Kids amaze me! She played, she ate, she slept, and she continues to play today! She's only mentioned her lip a few times. It looks a bit better today, but I told my family about the horrific experience and they all wanted to see her little face today. So here's the pictures.


Brandi Jo said...

Poor little girl! I hate it when your kids get hurt! :-( I have many times with boys have that play in my head, "Do I take them to the hospital or wait it out..." Most of the time it is not as bad as I think it is and they are amazing! I am glad she is OK and you are ok. :-) We are going to bless the baby his Sunday (the 25th). We are still in the Tolleson Ward. Not sure if you guys are or not. :-) 11am.