May 11, 2008

What a Mother's Day!

It was a wonderful Mother's Day this year! I not only got to spend the day with my two moms (phil's mom too) but also got to have Seattle's blessing! It was pretty sweet I have to admit! I didn't get breakfast in bed...hello, my moms were here, I should have been doing stuff for them! But my dad made french toast, eggs, bacon, and juice for everyone! Breakfast is his specialty! Then I got the best cards from the kids and Phil! I had to share my card from my husband with both moms and I know they were jealous! It's this type of stuff that keeps our marriage going strong! I was laughing so hard...especially when I found the little note he hid in the back! That's an inside joke that we have. We try and give eachother coupons for things with expiration dates...and then hide them until after they expire! That way the thought was there! (It's something my brothers and sisters used to do all the time when we were younger.) P.S. I found his message before it expired!


kara said...

Summer, Your family is so cute,You are an amazing mother I was laughing and enjoying reading about all your fun times. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to catch up. I can't believe you have 5 kids already what an amazing accomplishment!

Sandy said...

Phils card is classic! Sorry it is all my fault that there is not a card from Paris.