March 19, 2009

Disneyland...Day 1

Okay, I finally got my camera battery all charged I can extract the pictures off of it...then I find out...someone touched the lens and they're all blurry! I just can't win! Oh well...someday my mom is going to send me the pictures she got...which should be a bunch:) So we'll post an update when they get here...

Anyway we decided to take the kids to Disneyland this year for their spring worked out that my parents could go too and have fun with us! It was fun...just next time I go...hopefully all the kids will be OLDER (seattle...madison) and I won't be pregnant!! It was fun we got 3 day park hopper tickets and got to visit both parks. It made it nice, because Disneyland was PACKED...and California Adventure's Bug land was pretty empty. SO when the baby's were tired of standing in a 45 minute line for Dumbo or Roger Rabbit...we could walk right on to the catepillar roller coaster or another "bug" ride! I wish we attached a Pedometer to our hip...we probably walked 50 miles (or so it seems)! Too bad I wasn't 9 months yet...I totally would have went into labor:)

While we were waiting...
in line...
for Roger Rabbit!
We finally get on the Roger Rabbit ride...and it broke down 30 seconds into it! This was a shot while we were waiting inside! (stuck)
The kids got to get here they are posing with Goofy! Madison was too nervous to stand too close!

Madison was really into Mickey's house...she wanted to use his pen and paper...but it was glued down!? She was pretty upset about it too!
The kiddie rollercoaster!
Posing with Pluto...after another sweet autograph!
Mom and Paris posing on the Dumbo ride!
Me...having way too much fun! This was one of like 3 rides I rode on!

We found some shade and had the kids pose...while Phil and Dad were off getting another Fast pass!
Madison didn't want to leave...
She wanted this hat...and I couldn't refuse! So while the rest of the fam was enjoying Space Mountain...Madison, Seattle, and I visited the Mad Hatter!