April 23, 2009

Baby Berlin!

We had our 3-D ultrasound appointment today! My doctor usually does these around 33 weeks, but during my last appointment, 2 weeks ago, I was measuring 6cm bigger than I should be. I was 29 weeks at the time and measuring 35cm, (average would have the same # as the number of weeks.) I'm usually off by a few, but not by 6! So he ordered my ultrasound a little early to check on her size.

Fun, Fun! She's measuring in the 75-90th percentile...weighing in at 4lbs 2oz - a full 8 weeks until her due date! Yeah...we'll be taking her early...but I'm not sure if Early...will be Early enough! Yikes! She's chubby...and I don't know how, but the ultrasound tech said she has a lot of hair! So we'll see! I didn't notice that! I know these things can look gross and confusing sometimes, but you should be able to see her eyes, nose and little hand covering her mouth!

She's very active and can carry a serious punch with her many kicks and jabs! I kind of feel like Bella in Breaking Dawn with how out of control she is at times!

People always ask me if I'm scared about having 6. I'm not scared about the 6...because I'm already used to the 5! I really can't complain...my kids are pretty good. I am, however, kind of freaking out about having 2 of the 6, under the age of 2 for like a whole year practically! That's going to be a juggling act I haven't really had...yet! Regardless of her place in line, we're just as excited about her getting here as our first!

So when I end up looking a bit like a 3 ring circus at times...cut me a little slack:) We'll get it down...even if it takes ALL YEAR!)


Shauna said...

That is so much fun! She looks so cute in that 3d picture! I can't believe how big she already is! Don't they say that they gain about 1/2 a pound each week during the final stretch? It'll be crazy to see how big she gets! It's so much easier to hold a cute chubby baby than a tiny fragile one!

Teresa said...

Glad to hear everything is good- Those 3d pictures are sure amazing!
Thanks for sharing- Big families are great- and such a blessing later in life-
Happy Day