April 27, 2010

Sweeping with Seattle

So I woke up in a hurry, as I do everyday...it's 8:00 and the kids have to be to school by 8:30...and I haven't had ANYONE come get their hair done, nor any of the babies come wake me up...strange.

I look over at the nightstand and I notice Boston is still mad at me for telling him he couldn't play the Wii yesterday...he left me a sweet note, see?

It's never good news when the house is quiet.  When I get downstairs I see that there is a total cereal mess on the floor,  but the kids are all ready for school, yay!  Then I hear the garage door open and close, but don't really pay attention to who opened it...because I'm in too obsessed with getting everyone's backpacks and shoes on!

A second later, Seattle passes me with a broom...on a total mission!  She ATTEMPTS to clean up the spilled cheerios on the floor...then proceeds back to the garage to put the broom away...amazing.  I'm completely speechless!  Now if only my 10, 8, and 6 year olds would do the same thing...