July 10, 2009

Wicked-The Story about the Witches of Oz

As part of my big 3-0 birthday gift earlier this year, Phil bought us Wicked tickets. They were coming to the ASU Gammage Theater and he knew how much I really wanted to go. Since it was going to be AFTER the baby was born, we knew we would need a babysitter capable of handling ALL 6 of them...(not that our usual babysitter isn't awesome...because she is...but I would never put the usual 5, plus the 3 week old baby...on anyone who wasn't family!!) So we flew in my little sister SKY! Yay! We asked her way in advance so she could take the time off of work and we offered her a little "vacay" with some babysitting for a night in return! Sounded like a bargain to us!

Shavonne was in town for the weekend while they looked for a new place to call home, so she came over to do my hair and make sure I looked SUUUPER CUUUUTE! (of course it doesn't take much:) It was fun to hang out with the sisters and let the kids play with their cousins.

I have never been to Wicked, my mom went a while ago in San Francisco and told us all we would LOVE it...but never told us anything about it so I had NO idea what to expect. Luckily Phil's a sweet guy...because he went too...even with the prospect that there would be a TON of singing...and possible "cheese-iness":)

We were a little dissapointed in his timing to be cheap, however. The guy who usually has no problem throwing down a little cash for events, decided to get the cheap seats! Let's just say...we all had some serious nose bleed action going on! I had fun reminding him that for his 30th birthday I got him 2nd row Seinfeld tickets!

Even with the high seats we both had sooo much fun! It was WAY better than either of us thought it would be...and I actually had high expectations. The songs were great and I absolutely LOVED the story line! I didn't expect it to be so funny in parts! I need to watch the Wizard of OZ again now that I know a little background! Debbie YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! If it comes to Phoenix before going to Salt Lake...we're flying you down! I really want to take Brooklyn and Paris the next time it comes. I think they would love it too!

We enjoyed our time away and Phil even got me a Wicked sweatshirt to make up for the sweet seats we had! In fact he probably paid more for the sweatshirt than the front row seats would have cost! Na, I'm just joking...but serisouly...it was so much fun! Thanks Sky, Shavonne, AND Phil for making it such a PERFECT evening!