November 28, 2009

Mesa Temple Lights

We have a tradition of going to Organ Stop Pizza for dinner and then to the Mesa Temple to see all the beautiful lights! Phil and I were laughing, because we always seem to go the day after we put up our own lights...and man ours look like a little sad in comparison! Well what can we honestly expect?! Hours of work and hundreds of people working on them vs. Phil taking charge outside by himself for a few hours! Ha Ha! But it does inspire us...we ALWAYS find some little thing to say, "Next Year" we'll do that at our house! This year it was the flowers made of lights! I even took a picture so that I could see how they were made. Phil could see the wheels turning in my head as I was taking this picture...then he just started cracking up! I guess I'm a little predictable!
Busted! Caught pulling a "Helen Keller" off my salad plate! It is pretty dark in the pizza joint, because there's this huge light and music show going on all around you. So I pretty much just blinded her with this shot! Ouch:)


The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

You should have called us! We would have met you all there! Bummer!! :(