January 16, 2010

A Lovely Day at the Phoenix Zoo...

My friend Charilla and her daughter, Madison invited us out to the zoo today! So I took my oldest 3 girls.  It was PERFECT weather and we had so much fun:)

These stingrays were like little puppies! I couldn't believe how "friendly" they were! Madison got to touch two different ones! I've never seen any stingrays that were so willing to come to the sides to be pet!

The girls came home and told Boston they got to sit on real elephants...I'm not sure what finally gave it away that it was only rock?  Ha ha!  It did have him going for a minute or two though...

I had to take a picture of the goats...in Patterson, CA where we used to live, there would always be a wood sign at the end of Las Palmas saying, "Chivos for Sale".  After months of passing it, Phil asked what "Chivos" were, I just assumed EVERYONE knew what "chivos" were! It was so funny to me for some reason!  SO now whenever we see goats...we call them "chivos"!

I think this is what would happen if you crossed a Brahma bull and a chivo! 

Brooklyn thought this was pretty sweet..."but a little gross too"

Niki and Madison...with Our Madison and Paris

She was so excited to see the farm animals!  It was cute!

Charilla found a brave little squirrel that apparently liked Cheeze It's!

I guess he had a REALLY hard day...he definitely didn't have time for a bath!

"Jacob" smelled my Chex Mix and came to check us out!

This bird was some type of Condor...all I have to say is scary! Hopefully they hunt ALL 11 species of Rattlesnakes that apparently reside around here!!

Whenever I see the Girraffes...I always think of Melvin from Madagascar! 

I think I should see about purchasing one of these guys to bring to my parents house! (Ant Eater)

Madison-"Mommy, why does that monkey have a red bum bum?" 
Me-"Because he didn't listen to his mommy and she smacked his booty with the wooden spoon."
Madison's Reaction- Eyes wide open, jaw about hitting the floor...PRICELESS! I didn't even set her straight!  That should make for some interesting conversation on a field trip some day! 


Amy O'Neill said...

Ha! That cracked me up about he monkey's red bum!! :)

Leigh said...

It really is a great zoo. I keep thinking I need to go before it gets hot.

Summer said...

It is, but yeah it's NO fun starting in March!!! So you better hurry and go:)