December 19, 2008

"Don your gay apparel" A.K.A The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

We've had quite a few Christmas Parties this month, but none with such a unique theme! I guess it was inspired from the song, "Deck the Halls". Anyway, we were all told to "Don our gay apparel", so Phil went out and found the sweetest vests ever! He went to the Goodwill first, but thankfully, decided to swap out the vest he bought me from there for the upgraded, (non grandma perfumed) Walmart versions!

Amy and Rob...she got their gear at Savers...if anyone's interested!

Bettijo and Heath...I believe she said all their gear was actually in her mom's closet! Yikes! I mean great wardrobe!

Deborah and Jeff...I forget where they got their Christmas garb...Savers???

Spencer decided to take it to a whole new level...and I was a little surprised that he was the only one!
Spencer...I think this was all in his closet! Notice the FUBU jersey!! Yeah, his legs are shaved...above the knee! Sandy was wise to stay out of this shot...and apparently avoided all further shots too! Sorry babe! As always it's just fun to hang out and eat!
These were all the shots I got...sorry Cynthia and Mike...I'm sure you're so sad you didn't make it into the Christmas Sweater Hall O' Shame!