December 24, 2008

Santa's Magic Sleep...(mixed with a little "magic" of our own!)

Every Christmas Eve, right before bedtime, we bake some cookies for Santa, drink our "Magic Cocoa" and it's off to bed for everyone! The kids were seriously excited this year! The older they get, the harder it is to outlast them! Phil and I were getting desperate...and we were soooo tired! Somehow we randomly started performing some horrible takes on Christmas carols out in the loft, while they all were having a "sleep over" in Boston's room. We knew they could hear us...and boy were we beyond bad!!! I was singing opera style, while Phil would chime in with a dry monotone version of a verse I had just sung! was pure torture! The kids all became very quiet and finally Boston asked us if we could stop. He said that I sang pretty good, which was a stretch at best, but dad was giving him a headache! We ignored him and just kept singing...within minutes they were all out! Poor things. We'll have to remember our act for next year!

Paris...thoroughly enjoying her cocoa!

Brooklyn looking a bit like an evil elf...and Boston pretending to already fall asleep...NICE TRY!

Madison with more cocoa on her face, hands, and outfit, then in her usual!

Pretty excited for Santa tomorrow!



Maybe we will have to try the singing thing next year!! We went to bed at 1am because we were so paranoid that the kids would get up and "catch" Santa!!