June 16, 2009

Paris turns 6!

Since I am set to be induced on Wednesday the 17th, and would most likely be coming home on her actual birthday, we decided to have an early birthday party for her on Tuesday with a few of her good friends! This year she decided to have a hawaiian themed swim party...which was perfect because you can find decorations EVERYWHERE right now!

First came the set up...we made sure that we decorated the table and the house with "luau" decorations! All the girls got their own "grass" skirts, lei's, and anklets, which we decorated their seats with. It turned out so cute!

When the girls arrived, we took them out swimming! We decorated the pool area and had the bubble machine going full blast...of course! It seemed to be a hit! Everywhere the bubbles were...so were the girls!

I love how Sydney never took her goggles off!

After they dried off...it was inside for some Hungry Howies Pizza! Yum Yum!

Then we got them all dressed up! Here they're doing a dance...

...their gorgeous flowers in their hair!

On to flip flop making! They each got to decorate their own flip flops...which actually turned out pretty cute! It was a perfect activity that didn't require too much help! I think they all really loved making these!

Of course we had to have them pose!

Present Time!

Then we had them each decorate cupcakes and they got to take them home
in these cute boxes!

It was soo much fun, and Paris had a blast=) Happy Birthday Sweety!