August 3, 2009

Kids Vacation...Part 2 (Lake Don Pedro, CA)

One of Nana's FAMOUS breakfasts on the front of the boat! Anyone who's ever been to visit on the lake...knows that you will NEVER leave hungry...and it STARTS with breakfast! (See the whipping cream and orange juice?! Sooo yummy!!!)

Yay my mom and dad just sent me their pictures from the week the kids were down there! So I thought I would add the pictures so you can see how much fun they had!

I was told that Boston and Paris LOVED riding over the "double ups" on the tubes! (Not the tube shown...) I'm not sure where the camera was on those shots! We call it "Tube Wars". My dad circles around and makes these huge "double up" waves and then takes (usually all the big boys) over them (there's usually 2-3 tubes out there at a time) and you see who can hold on for the longest. I've done it...but I'm not really a fan. My dad said that Paris got about 4 ft above her tube at one time! Then I heard that Boston's tube flipped over somehow and my dad was worried that he would be freaked out under the tube...but as soon as my dad killed the engine...Boston came out to report that he could still breath because there's an air pocket in the tube! Ha Ha! I can't believe how old he's getting! I would have freaked at his age...heck I still freak! If a tube starts to flip...I bail!!! There's no way I would actually hold on underneath! I think it's a guy thing?! (sorry if any of you girls are hard core "tubers"!)

This is more my style of riding! My mom has the right idea take small kids for insurance! MY dad gets a kick out of making what is supposed to be a nice straight ride into a curvy and bouncy this is one ride we actually want kids to come with!
Madison LOVED Barkley! (I heard they all did, but this is BIG for Madison)

(Shavonne and Greg's dog, Barkley. He's on vacation too!)

Boston getting a feel for the wakeboard...unfortunately there was a knee-boarding trial...that went wrong and spooked him into being afraid to try wakeboard this year...maybe next year.

Gotta LOVE the paddle boat!
Papa taking Boston down the slide off the back of the boat!

The best thing about having their houseboat on the mud, goo, slush, weeds, or rocks to wade through when you want to go for a swim! You just jump right in!

Follow the Leader

Brooklyn brave enough to be towed VERY slow! She's our cautious one:)

Nice rope wrapped around you guys! This is one of the "classic" middle of the lake swims you HAVE to take when it starts to get hot! Madison just told me, "Mommy I didn't like that water. I'm scared of the fishies kissing me." I'm with her! I don't think my legs EVER stop moving when I'm in the lake!!!

I think this says it ALL it was a FUN, EXCITING, and EXHAUSTING week for EVERYBODY!!

Thanks Mom and Dad for having them! They had a blast! I loved getting to hear ALL their versions and stories! It's so cute:) They'll have THE BEST MEMORIES!!!


Sandy said...

That looks like so much fun! What a great way to end the summer.
I love Barkley's life jacket... so cute!