June 26, 2008

I've been Tagged...

Me From A to Z............

A-- Attached or Single? Attached to Flip for 10 years now!
B-- Best Friend? Phil, my mom, and my 3 sisters (in that order!)
C-- Cake or Pie? Cake without a doubt!
D-- Day of Choice? Saturday, because we usually go out shopping!
E-- Essential Item? Pacifier X 2!!!!
F-- Favorite Color? Purple
G-- Gummy Bears or Worms? Neither...I'm not a gummy fan!
H-- Hometown? Patterson, CA
I-- Indulgence(s) Cherry Limeade from Sonic and grilled cheeses from In-N-Out
J-- January or July? July because just like me, it's hot!!
K-- Kids? Brooklyn, Boston, Paris, Madison, and Seattle (These cities never sleep!)
L-- Life is incomplete without? A good sense of humor, a soft bed, and plenty of kids!
M-- Marriage Date? June 20, 1998
N-- Number of siblings? 5, Sarah, Tyler, Shavonne, Blake, and Sky.
O-- Oranges or Apples? Oranges all the way! Who can resist an orange smile??
P-- Phobias or fears? Heights, spiders, fires, and growing old!
Q- Quotes? "Holy Crap", "Classic", "Sweet", and "Flippin' A"
R-- Reason to Smile? I have 6, the perfect husband, and 5 awesome kids!
S-- Season? Christmas, because I love decorating the house and baking!
T-- Tag 5 People?? Phil, Shavonne, Amy, Brandi, and Jamie.
U-- Unkown Fact? My name used to be spelled "SOMER" but too many people were mispronouncing my name, so my parents legally changed it to "SUMMER".
V-- Very Favorite Store? The one with the most sales!!!!
W-- Worst Habit? Can't say "No" to people, when I should. I feel bad!
X-- X-ray or ultrasound? Ultrasounds! (They don't cause cancer...yet!)
Y-- Your favorite food? Grilled Cheeses with everything but tomatoes from In-N-Out!
Z-- Zodiac? Aries


Sandy said...

Dude, I had no idea about Somer! I guess that is why it was an unknown fact. You should have a whole post about unknown facts.

P.S. Stop being such a baby and say "No" to people.


Okay, I finally did the tag! Took long enough, aye!!?