January 17, 2009

Front Yard BBQ

The weather has been soo nice lately! It's literally what California people experience in May! It's beautiful! So some of our friends invited us over for a BBQ and a game of soccer. It was soo much fun. I had to take pictures of the "front yard" bbq too! We decided it was just easier, so we could walk to the park and keep an eye on everyone at the same time! Who said BBQing in the front yard was "ghetto?" Ha! I think we brought it back!!!!!

Seattle practically outweighs Paris, but she insists on picking her up constantly!The kids loved the portable hammock! Relaxing out on the sidewalk! That's right...REPRESENT!Sandy and Spencer...showing their post game faces! Boston...probably talking trash because he was the "best" goalie ever, Phil...mad because I won't take a picture of him showing his "post game" face, Sandy and Spencer...still feeling the love, my other kids strewn throughout the field, and Maylene missed the shot because she was chasing after little Sophie!

It was fun, and the kids all had a blast! So let us know when the next game is!


Leigh said...

Kickin' it "White Trasher" style. I love it!