January 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

Brooklyn turned 9 today! I can't believe we have a 9 year old! Since she's a girl...she has a list of favorite things...of course! We started out the day with Eggo Waffles (since mom is always short on time...when it comes to school mornings) but I did top them with whipped cream and a candle! We even let her open her first present! She was pretty excited.

(Madison wanted a picture holding a Webkinz too, so she borrowed Boston's!)

Then we sent her to school, and mom dropped off 3 dozen "store bought" Tinkerbell cupcakes to school for her to celebrate with her friends! (I miss the good 'ol days when you could just make them! It would have cost $2.00 instead of $20!) It was worth it, she was sooooo happy!

Things she's into this year. 1)High School Musical (yeah...she's pretty much obsessed)
2)Webkinz (stuffed animals that come with an Internet code to play with them online)
3)Pretty much anything "girly". (A pretty broad spectrum that includes pretty much everything!)
So as you can see, it was pretty easy to get her things she'd be excited about. Her week started out "fabulous" by getting a High School Musical 3 DVD board game and a High School Musical digital picture locket to wear from her Grandma Debbie and Papa! Then she got a really pretty dress from her Aunt Joanie that she put on immediately and modeled wearing gloves! She even blogged about these on her blog...I haven't read it, but heard her talking to Boston and Paris about it:)

She was so sweet, we had to change her birthday "bash" last minute due to someone in our stake needing last minute day care, and Brooklyn took the news really good. She understood that someone needed help and was okay postponing her real dinner until Saturday. I was impressed with her! (I would have been balling!) So to make it a bit more fun, we invited some friends over last minute, you can't have fun without the Becks!!! We had pizza, cake, and plenty of presents!

As could be expected...she scored plenty of Webkinz...which she literally screamed about! (You forget how excited 9 year old girls get...when they get what they want!) Sandy and I had to laugh. We probably did the same thing!

I heard somewhere...that Aunt Shavonne and Nana have some more sweet things on their way from Utah...that should be here any day now. So her birthday is really lasting all week long! Those are always the best ones! She's been smiling ear to ear, and everyone that has come over this week has gotten to hear about every single gift she's gotten! So I think that means she had a good birthday!



Happy B-day Brooklyn!! :)

The Dominguez Family said...

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!
Have A Great Year!!!