January 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Nash!

My friend Kim's son Nash had his B-day party on Saturday with a bounce house. It was so much fun watching the kids play around! Phil and Spencer came about an hour late (from the FBR open, which I originally thought was called the FDR open, in Scottsdale) It's a golf tournament or something like that. They were in the "Members Club" section, the tickets were worth like $1800 or something like that! They were excited because I think someone won them and then gave them to Spencer. (Everything's better when it's free!) Anyhoo, they were nice tickets...Phil said they had some dang good food, and there were a lot of college kids there...so it was kind of roudy and some funny things were going on. (I think it was a "had to be there" sort of fun:)

Paris and a random "party goer" that happened to be standing next to her.

Madison blowing kisses!

Boston...keeping it real.
Seattle and Ryan...catching some rays.

When all the older kids jammed out of the bounce house, we thought we'd hook Ryan, Seattle, Madison, and Talan, up with a double date...in the house! No one wanted to cooperate...I think they were embarrassed that parents needed to be involved! Ha! Something I'm sure they'll get used to...right?

Madison enjoying the "bounce" time!

Seattle really wasn't sure about the whole thing.

Madison trying to ditch out...Seattle and Ryan trying to figure this place out!

Ryan looking cute, while trying to escape!

Phil got on a Madison kick...but how can you blame him...she was on a roll!


kara said...

Summer, I was just checking in on the family. Wow I'm excited for your new little one. We are also having a girl due june 3rd. I absolutely love your blog. You look so great and your kids are adorable. The girls night out looked awesome I really miss those times but especially the people. Don't girlfriends make the worst at home days bearable...congrats on everything but truly you are an amazing mother.

The Dominguez Family said...

I don't know how I missed all these posts!

Leigh said...

What?! Did I miss something? Are you preggers? Congrats!! How far along?

Matt Beckwith said...

Summer and Phil - wow, your kids have really grown (time does that I guess). And you're having another! Congrats guys.

I loved going through your site and "catching up".

You have a beautiful family!

See ya!

- Matt Beckwith

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

SUMMER! I totally suck! Well, my kids do I mean! Hunter is sick AGAIN! He is a pretty high fever so, I am flaking on tonight! I will probably send the boys with Josh. We will have to so something soon!

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Hey! I need your home phone, I only have your cell! What are you guys up to this weekend? We should do something!!

The Crawford's 3 said...

I love your blog, so cute!

What the "Hales" said...

Hey Summer I heard you have PUPPP...oh man we need to talk. I hope you are surviving. Email me your phone # so I can see how you are doing.