September 18, 2008

"Flashback Friday"...the college years!

(Beck, Clachelle, Rhea, Katie, and Me)

I'm totally copying this idea from my friend Amy, I just love seeing all of her younger pictures! I decided to call this post..."the college years" for obvious reasons! This is my room mate Michelle and I trying to be all "spy tech"! I just got my first job at brick oven and we went and posed on a random street bench!

This was my actual "roomy" Rebecca or "Beck" as we referred to her! She was from Syracuse, NY and was a pretty funny character. You can see my sweet poster and bed in the background! I think I was putting on make up...shocker!
The next two are my room mates from "Hurricane" Utah...pronounced Hurri-Cun, for those of you not familiar with southern utah! They're particular about that pronunciation! Anyway this was Mandy. Check out the sweet PJ's!
This was Tiffany...we referred to her as "Tiff". She was the one responsible for all the "lingo" we picked up! She drove this RX-7 that all 6 of us would cram into and cruise BYU!
People were always coming and going here at the good 'ol Glenwood aka Glenhole. These are my new room mates, with the exception of Beck and these were the flavors of the week for most of us. (Of course before Phil moved in!) Check out my sweet yellow/orange hair color!? I was always changing the mother hated it!
The guy on the very right was always doing goofy things to we broke into his car and left him this sweet surprise! There were so many pranks we pulled... We snuck into some boys bathroom and put the picture in the backround up. That way when they turned around...they would see us! We thought we were sooo funny!Then Phil moved in...My room mate right behind me, Katie liked Chad...who was Phil's room mate and wanted to go to this dance! So I asked him out...we doubled together...and the rest is history! Our first "couple" picture! Isn't that sweet:)

We had so much fun that we went to another dance too. We have a good story about this one! I just told Sky how we got into this dance!!! (Phil later revealed...he hated all dances...just liked the present company.)

Our engagement photo...or one of the hundreds! Ahhh, feels like forever ago!


hillari said...

I love all your pictures! These are so fun. I am thinking that Boston looks a lot like Phil. What year were these from?

Sara said...

Wow. It still blows my mind to see Phil of all people with a hot chick and looking so happy. You guys are an awesome couple. I'm so happy Phil got lucky enough to get you!

Sara said...

I should add that I truly love my brother Phil and I think he's awesome. He just didn't really date in high school, so I was really shocked when he got married. Anyway, I love you both!

The Wyatt Spot! said... everyone can see why I love my sister in laws! I'm totally the lucky one! (I'm glad he didn't waste his time with "lame" chicks in high school!) P.S. These pictures are all 1996-98!

Maylene said...

Ahh...those are so cute! I love your flashback post. I can tell you must have been a super fun roomy to hang out with.

Shauna said...

I love these pics! They are fun to look at. I really like the blonde crimped hair ... gosh, time flies!


SOOO HILARIOUS... I love the chonies around the steering wheel. There are no words. I love seeing these classics of you and Flip too... CUTE!!!

Leigh said...

I lOVE when people post their old pics! My, My, the many hairstyles you had!!


Yay!! Flashback Friday!! I love looking at your old pics! Looks like you had fun in college!! How funny, my mom grew up in Hurricane (or Hurri-cun... to be CORRECT!!) and we used to visit my grandparents there all the time. You and Phil are so cute and haven't changed! Lovin' all your hairstyles!