October 2, 2008

October fun...part 2!

Costume time! Today while the kids were at school, I decided I would pull out the costume bins! This is a dangerous thing to do with the older three home, (peices of costumes end up everywhere) but Madison was in heaven! She pulled out every costume that resembled a "peencess"!

She liked Sleeping Beauty, running through the house yelling "Peety"! Unfortunately, for all of you "Ariel" fans...she let this thing stay on for about 30 seconds before saying..."I don like ah dis one peencess." I have to agree though...this costume just didn't have the same flair as that sleeping beauty one! She got very excited when she saw another "peety" costume. This time it was her turn to be Tinkerbell. She loved the wings on the back until she saw...
"Ciny rella"! I don't know what it is about Cinderella, but all my girls LOVE her! She's holding a picture of her, that for some reason is hanging on the front of the costume...(I always wear dresses with my picture sewn on the front!) I guess it's there so that people won't mix it up with another princess who sports a blue ball gown? =) Next, she tried on a sweet costume that my mom made for me...when I was in Pre-School! I think it's supposed to be a color crayon...sticking out of a box of crayons??!! I remember trick or treating in this beauty in Fremont, CA going from room to room in the "Walnut Building!" It was pretty sweet because all the white parts are "glow in the dark!"

I know it's halloween and all and it gives us a great excuse to leave up the webs...but I draw the line at webs and eggs near my front door! EWWW! Maybe Garett can I.D. this one Amy!

A few seconds, a whole lot of talking to myself, a shoe, and a stick later...sorry this thing had to go! It was trespassing as far as I'm concerned and needed to die! I'm not a spider fan...babies...or no babies!
When we got home from picking up the kids from school, we had a package waiting from Nana on our porch! The kids were super excited, (ditched Madison, Seattle, and I) ran inside and began to tear into the box!
Halloween Package from Nana!
We love our "goody" boxes that she sends! Everyone scored here...including Seattle! She had her first "gold fish" and mini M&M's today! What happened next was finger licking good!

I think it's safe to say...they were a hit! I think she kept licking each finger...hoping that she would find the source again!


hillari said...

How fun--I love little Madison's comments. And that was a scary spider. Holy Cow! I'm totally with you on the "whole lot of talking to myself" bit.

Monica&Kevin said...

Madison is so cute, I love all her little faces ;) Looking at your blog always makes me want to have lots of kids!

Sara said...

Madison is adorable in those dresses! And Seattle really does look like Phil. She's soooo cute!

Sandy said...

Those costumes are all so cute! How are you going to decide???


Sydni would flip if she saw all those princess costumes! That spider is creepy!! I showed it to Garrett and asked him what he thought it was. He is so funny, he said, "Well, it has 8 legs... so it is a spider!" He, he! Now you know! ;) How fun that their Nana sends them a Halloween goody box!


DUDE... That crayon costume... SO CLASSIC! I put a picture of me wearing that gear in my senior year book as my "baby photo." I didn't know it was still around. I love all those costumes... glad to see you're hanging onto them... Haven's gunna' need you to share some Halloween dress up love in a couple of years:) (Remind me to show you the "dress up" box that Mal & Fal brought when they were cleaning out their storage unit and that has been collecting dust in my basement... think ORANGE platforms... random Liz Claiborne purses... and the RED plaid skirt... oh yeah... you know the one :)