November 22, 2008

Daddy Daughter Hike

For an Achievement Girls' Activity, they had a Daddy Daughter breakfast and hike! Phil said it was fun and he actually listened when I asked him to take a picture...he took me literally...and this is THE picture...but atleast I have one, right?

I didn't I don't have much commentary here, but they had a pancake breakfast complete with all the fixings, a short hike up at Estrella Mountain, and ended up playing a game where the dad's had to guess things about their favorite movie, show, actors...etc. He got one wrong...her nickname. He said it was "love bug"...which is what he calls Madison and Seattle...because he doesn't have a nickname for Brooklyn. What a dork! Anyway, she does have a nickname that I've called her since she was's "Goose." (She wanted to know what the bumps on your arms were when she was cold once and I told her they were "Goosebumps" and she called them "goosedrops", it was so cute I started calling her "goosedrop". It's since been shortened to "Goose".) Aren't nicknames funny?

We have a bunch around this house!

If you hang with probably have already heard all of these, but now you'll know their cheesy backgrounds!

PHIL-FLIP (short for Flipip, which is what he recieved on a credit card solicitation once!) I probably call him Flip more than Phil.
SUMMER-HUMMINGBIRD/HUMMY (my family, and Elena refer to me as these...they started when I was really, really young! I think I used to jabber so much it was like a hummingbirds wings or something...right mom?)
BROOKLYN-GOOSE (already shared)
BOSTON-BROTHER (he's the only it's singular. Just brother! It's just always stuck)
PARIS-PURSE/PARE-PARE (Purse was just what you got when you say Paris really fast. When she got older she told us that she chose a new nickname...Pare-Pare. Madison only calls her by Pare Pare.)
MADISON-LOVEBUG (They're both so young that these two nicknames are just the products of baby talk still! We'll probably have some cool ones soon enough!)


Sara said...

I wish I had some other nickname for Phil I could add to the list, but I just called him "Phil" growing up...very creative.