November 25, 2008

Nap Dates...

Anyone up for a nap date? Skip the play dates...make sure they play hard first, then feed them a bunch of food...then take them for a fifteen minute drive with Christmas Music around noon. They don't cry, they don't ask for anything, no fighting, no toy messes...just a little drooling and the occasional twitch! That's my kind of date!

I was seriously craving some Soup and Salad from Olive I convinced Sandy to join me for lunch! We took our four kids and Spencer even joined us. (Sandy's husband) Phil was too busy at work to break he missed out. It was so yummy and afterwards we decided that since she watched Madison that morning, we would move the party to my house...and let her have a little R&R during the afternoon! As soon as I pulled into the garage I noticed they were both totally out! So I snapped this shot before my "smooth extraction"! Aren't they cute?!