November 13, 2008


Okay, so I mentioned that I went to Super Saturday in October and that I attended a Tamale making class and would keep you posted when I made some Tamales! I have to admit, I was "gung ho" at first and then when it came to the chile rojo sauce...I wanted to quit! It really wouldn't be that bad if you had a couple of people helping you in the kitchen...but I just had a bunch of people willing to taste test...isn't there a story or a fable about something like this? Anyway...I stuck to the directions pretty closely. I didn't have enough chile rojo sauce in the end I'm not sure what I did wrong. Maybe I needed more stock? (so instead of making 50 it only made 30) Anyway, since we came from a small farming town in central California...we know what good Tamales taste like...and I knew there was no way I could measure up to those standards...but felt I was "cool" to try because I had a "legite" recipe! I was flipping impressed! I haven't tried the green corn ones...yet, but the chile rojo ones taste great! Phil and even my kids loved them! They make a ton...and they keep in the fridge or freezer! So now that I've done the hard work...and it paid don't have to be scared to try this "legite" recipe! Invite people over...they turn out great!

My "official" tamale steamer!
...only a quarter full!
Paris, Brooklyn, and Maddy were saying that would try them...I told them to give a thumbs up if they liked them...thumbs down if they didn't...this was take 2...just kidding!One of the finished products!
Madison loved them! Isn't she so cute posing?


Teresa said...

Wow- I'm so impressed! Holy Cow that's a lot of work.
I plan to copy your recipe and make some for Dan- {someday :}