November 22, 2008


Sandy, Kisten, and I roped our husbands into going to see Twilight with us! Phil hasn't read the books, but I think he and the other guys were interested only because we were so interested and the possiblity of "action" later. Guys are so offense, but seriously! I didn't expect much...because the books are sooooo great, there was no way the movie had a chance to compare, but I think that it was good! I was pleasantly surprised. I was worried that Phil would be lost...because he didn't know the background on I was being annoying the entire time and whispering the details in his ear. (Later, I found out that we all were doing this!) Phil said he thought it was good, "...I'm interested to see what the next one's going to be about." So there you have it. I liked it...of course it doesn't compare to the books...but worth watching! And the husbands all seemed to agree that they thought it was "good" so you can even feel comfortable dragging your better half along!