November 4, 2008

Election Day!

It's official...we voted! Phil, Madison, Seattle, and I all went to our designated polling place at the school this morning at 10:30am! We were a little worried we would run into a crowd, but were pleasantly surprised to find the line was really short! We even bypassed the short line outside, because our last name was "M-Z", apparently the majority was between "A-L"! They even let me roll my stroller inside and park it next to my little voting booth! We went together so that one could watch the kids while the other voted, but when they were so accommodating...we both just went in and voted!

I'm so happy to live in such a great country! Even though some of the things I want to pass...might not, and the president I would like...probably won't be elected...I'm still glad that I have the right to vote!