November 1, 2008

While I was out...

My room is always the last room in the house not only to be cleaned...but to be decorated! Every room in the house...even the laundry room...has had some shade of paint splashed on it. Phil and I have been wanting to do something with our room...just not sure what. Ever been there before?'s our solution!
I had picked out the comforter and paint colors earlier in the day, but put the project on hold for a "girls night out" at the movies. My mom was excited to be invited...but to be honest...was more excited to start painting! (NO one can whip out a painted room as fast as my mom!)

(The lampshades are going...but we need light until we can find ones to match!)

So...while I was out at the mom finished this! Isn't it great? I've got the greatest mom and husband in the world! They did the whole thing! Maybe I should go out...a little more often! I absolutely love being in my room now! It's crazy how excited the smell of new paint gets me! I think it reminds me of "new" when I walk in...either that or I'm getting high off the paint fumes? Either way...I love it!

We still need to pick out some new curtains and rods...and those lampshades will be swapped out...but the hard part's done!

Thanks a bunch you two!!!


Teresa said...

Love that color- how fun to have your Mom to help you :}
also enjoyed reading all about your Halloween day- fun!


SUM! That looks AWESOME!!! Good thing I wasn't much help that night... SODDY... SODDY 'BOUT THAT.

The Crazy Wyatt Fam said...

Wow! Your bedroom looks SO nice! Thanks for the fun dinner sat. night! We had a great time!