August 9, 2008

"Extreme Weather"

We also visited our other favorite exhibit on the 3rd floor. It's the "forces of nature" exhibit, that actually lets you sense the extremes! They have huge flat screen T.V.'s to picture what's going on and then in the case of a hurricane they mist water, rain, and wind. In a tornado it's just the wind and they have lights that flash for lightning, and heat lamps that turn on when there are forest fires! The floor rumbles when there's an earthquake, you get the drift. Well the last time we were here Madison opted out of this one, but this time, Phil decided to take her with him. As you can see, she didn't like it! I wonder what she thought would happen? My other kids loved it, of course. They even have a section about our own "Arizona" extreme weather monsoons!

She pretty much hated her extreme weather experience!

Since I'm such a nerd and can't get enough about weather facts and trivia. Phil got me a sweet book on weather at their bookstore! I haven't finished it yet, but so far it's pretty sweet! Soon I can quiz you all on more random weather facts that lie in the head of Summer!


hillari said...

that does look pretty cool. I've never seen that exhibit before, I wonder how I missed it? :)

Shauna said...

That exhibit sounds way fun too! Madison looks a lot like Paris in the pic w/ Phil.