August 7, 2008

While Daddy's Away...

It's been a long week so far, and I can't wait until Phil comes home! I had beautiful plans for my week alone...mainly plans that involved reading "Breaking Dawn"! Unfortunatly, Paris got sick last night, I'm not sure what it was, but she had a bad stomach pain that left us both up all night! Since Madison and Seattle got great rests and didn't feel like napping, I decided that we would just do "nothing" today. When the older kids got home, they came up with their own activities to keep them busy. They made paper airplanes and then decided to throw them up on the fan to make them fly off! They were laughing so hard, that it even cheered my tired mood up! So here's a few snap shots of the kids keeping themselves busy for mom! First there was Brooklyn standing on the couch...trying to aim for the fan!
Boston decided the coffee table was he'd try that approach.
It was a lot harder than it looked! It was hard to catch the planes in's a glimpse of one flying down.
The one you just saw, looked like it was floating, but in actuality it was like a kamikaze fighter jet and hit Paris right in the head! Everyone was cracking up!
One flew down and hit Seattle too, while she was in her walker. She didn't seem to mind. So Madison is giggling at her reaction right now.
Here is another failed attempt at trying to catch the plain on the way down.
Here is a rare shot, when both plains were there at the same time, right before "take off"
Here's a shot right before the fan really got going to fly these things. The kids faces were priceless. It was like the greatest thing to ever happen!