August 18, 2008

Girls at home!

Hanging out...
Then she starts to head a little left... Oh...and she doesn't recover from this one! See the lean gets her everytime!
Big sister Madison was to the rescue!

We had a few spare moments and Seattle was in "prime" picture form! She hadn't drooled or spit up on her new outfit...yet, so I thought I'd get a few shots of her sitting by the couch.
Of course Madison had to get in the photo shoot too and found a flower that she had to have in her hair. (This might be Sky's?) Oh yeah and that headband is her "princess" headband. You might not be able to see, but it has small jewels inside of it, so of course she was wearing it! She looks pretty sweet. We know Madison needs to get rid of her "Passy" but we're letting them each just get "lost" one by one. This is her last one...we think. She's getting pretty good at finding them in her moments of "need". The nice thing is that she won't steal Seattle's because it's a different type that for some reason grosses her out beyond all reason! We don't know why. We've seen her fall asleep a couple of times and feel around for a "passy" by her and she'll grab Seattle's by mistake, take a half suck, and then gag and spit it out, all with her eyes closed! It's so silly!

For some reason the flash didn't go off on this it's all grainy! It would have been way cute...oh well you get the idea!

Yeah, Yeah...I know..."SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE PHIL!" Good thing he's hot, because otherwise that could really pose a problem for her!



So... these are my newest favorite pictures! You look GORGEOUS HUM! Seattle's getting too big... sad for me... I haven't seen her since... she was born?! Is that right?! That's depressing... oh well I'll just see her when you guys come to Powell next week... c'mon... please? Looks like everyone but you and Sarah will be there... but Sarah lives 10 billion miles away and you're only a 4 1/2 hr car ride. So no lame excuses... if Flip can figure out a week away he can figure out a weekend for us... eh? :) So it's decided then! Great! See you on Friday! Love you-


Awww! She is so cute and getting so big! I like the last pic... you look so pretty!!

Shauna said...

Your girls are so beautiful! You look beautiful too Summer! When I first saw Madison's headband, I was thinking 'that's an interesting headband'. So when I read your explanation, I was cracking up! She is so funny!