May 2, 2009

Girls Night Out...Aunt Chilidas!!

It's a popular theme! Who can't use a Girls Night Out?? I wanted to see the movie Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Phil said I'd have to save it for a "girls night", so that compiled with his going to the Cubs game on Tuesday night with a friend...left this weekend WIDE open for me:) So we all first went and caught the 4:50 showing of the movie...I thought it was ok. I thought it would be a little funnier, it's not really a comedy, but it does end cute...just kind of a drama. SO if you want to wait until it comes to DVD, you probably won't miss much. (I have bigger hopes for the Sandra Bullock movie coming out in June:)

After the movie we all met at Aunt Chilidas mexican restaurant in Tempe. Phil and I went to Rustler's Rooste a couple months ago and on our way we passed Aunt Chilidas at the base of the hill and later found out it was owned by the same I've been wanting to try it ever since! I didn't know if the food was any good, and it's always so tough to get anyone to want to drive 25 minutes out of the area to eat somewhere no one's been to. I can't blame them, but I pulled the birthday since we use ANY excuses to get out together, I got to choose the venue! Yay! Luckily it was great! We had fun, the outside atmosphere reminded me a lot of Oregano's, and the weather was absolutely PERFECT! SO we got to eat on the patio, eat, and talk a bunch! It would have bored the boys to tears...but it was so much fun! Phil wants to go maybe we can do couples next time!?

Funny Story: These ducks came out of nowhere and started fluffing their wings at us so we would give them food! We only had chips and salsa, and being the moms we are-we were afraid if we fed them those they would choke! SO my great idea was to "flash" them...with the camera of course, and maybe they would scare away! No such luck...but soon a man and his son began "bravely" (or stupidly and just not thinking), throwing them tortilla chips and the ducks loved them! And found someone else to beg from! (I was NOT planning on giving a duck mouth to mouth any time soon:)


Teresa said...

Hi looks like you were all having way to much fun!
This is from your Mom I'm at Teresa's learning new things.
Love MOm